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Stop arguing people, this is one hell of an awesome line-up. Braid, Gta 4, Fallout 3, MGS 4, NHL 09, Left 4 Dead, No More Heroes... Thats not even all of them. If those where the only games to have come out that year it would have been a success.

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i really dont know why the console company is so eager to move to next generation console because of its graphics then tell me why they cannot make a game just good as this its not about the graphics its about the gameplay just like this

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red dead redemption is not even close the epciness of mgs4.

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Uncharted 2 é melhor!

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Oh dear.....

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totally love this game! maybe MGS4 is my the best gaming experience in this generation, Hope Kojima is making MGS5 right now... forget about the psp games and bring a PS3 game!

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I HAVE to get this game! I've beat the first three games, in a row, and I'm just . . . dying to finish the series! I don't really care about the handheld MGS games, because i think they're more of just something extra, that they decided to add to it all. But the consoles games are the most incredible video games ever made!

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Its a must have Dark... Ive played through it 5 times. One of the greatest games EVER....if you're into Metal Gear

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first game i am going to get when i get a ps3 :)

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mgs4 was one of the best games i ever played,the online sucked but the story mode was awesome

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If u don't agree then you are missing out on an masterpiece.

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All of you MGS4 haters STFU!!! it deserved it, if u don't agree then play the game

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Deserved... Best game ever...

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Personally, I think Grand Theft Auto IV should've won. Well, that's just me. I have a 360, so I can't & haven't played Metal Gear Solid 4... It actually looks pretty good... I should've bought a Playstation 3!

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Fallout 3 is better than MGS4! (I dont like actually rpg games but Fallout 3 is a great game)

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deserve it..100%..

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MGS4 is so AWESOME! and it deserves it:D

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The Consoles Fanboy see something too high, in my opinion, MGS4 just fine in the story, but the gameplay sucks, and didn't have replay value,,,, & BTW exclusive games, also not always good, just the Consoles Fanboy who always say like that. Please open your eyes,, yes your eyes,, morons..

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Hideo Kojima is a genius.

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I was soo angry when they basically neglected Brawl in this whole thing! Brawl was simply unmatched, and one of my favourite games that year.

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Metal gear is awsome playstation always has the best exclusives like that god of war, and uncharted

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@ Carminesqueez how can argue that mgs4 didnt deserve being GOTY because it was an exclusive than you off mentioning L4D. You're just going back on your logic. And GTA IV wasn't great. I didnt care about it until last month to finish it and i got that game day one. It was like every other gta. and it actually took out a lot. it was boring

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17 days my time till i get this

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MGS4 is just amazing !!! and it deserves to win .

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i prefer burnout its fun a game fun not a movie fun

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I don't play stealth action games, so MGS means nothing to me. =) And, GTA games are always fun.

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I knew once I saw MGS4 on the list it would win due to its outstanding game series history and graphics. If you haven't played 1 to 3 don't bother with it because you will be confused with the story. It's a story from 1 to 4. And not just individual gamestory telling.

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im protecting my chicken form dokken

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i start this game like 8 months ago....but only advance at laughing octupus boss...i stop playing there...is a fantastic game...i dont want to finish im....its ridiculous...but true---I LOVE MGS4

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gta 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think MGS4 deserved it.....I've never played it...but it looks really, really good. From what they've said and what I've heard, it just sounds amazing. The Japanese make some good games don't they :)

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NHl 09

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Carminesqueez This isn't the "Game that Everyone played" award. This is the "Best game of the year" award. The one that was the best, no matter how many people played it. MGS4 won because it was the best game of the year.

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i have xbox 360 and ps3 but it was mgs4 the best game ever

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gta 4 should of won i dont have ps3 like carmensqueez said and cause u can jack lots of cars and its fun

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Wow, that was anti-climactic.

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This game deserved the award, easily. It's not just an accomplishment when it comes to video games, it's a landmark title simply in terms of how a story can be told. I never felt that I was taken out of MGS4's world, or that what I was experiencing at any given moment in the game wasn't downright incredible. MGS4 is the best title of 2008, and one of the best games ever made.

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All nice games

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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wow thats bull!!! Fallout 3 is way better than Metal Gear Solid 4

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imo, GTA IV > MGS.. nothing against MGS but the reason i said GTA IV is it was available on all 3 platforms. MGS was just out there for PS3. yes it was a great game. but how can it be game of the year, when other gamers didn't had the chance to play it because they don't have PS3... so it should be GTA imo. if they wouldnt agree for GTA due to problems it had, then i guess L4D maybe. The point is, you cant pick a game as game of the year when most gamers did not had the chance to play it.

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I WISH I HAD PS3 just to play MGS T_T I just finished 1st and 2nd one! i need ps3 ._.

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the wold ends with you pffffff what is that?????

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the best game.... MGS4

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Why is everyone in love with braid?

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braid is one of nominee???? wt...* is gamespot thinking???????????

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a great year for gaming - that was 08