Best of 2008 Dubious Honors

Come see the winners of GameSpot's Best of 2008 dubious honors category!

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I must admit, Mercs 2 for the PC was not spectacular, but it at least didn't have glitches that would impede on the missions. Even with the slight flaws, it was a wonderful game.

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If iron man won worst game everyone played in 2008, why didnt iron man 2 win worst game everyone played in 2010?

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Beijing 2008 had to be made by Sega... no wonder it sucked.

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they made a game with "history channel" in the title?

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how in the holy mother of fluck did they place The Dark Messiah up there? it was a phenomenal game

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who likes shaun white snowboarding anyway

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Why did Mercs 2 FOR THE PC have to be on that list?? It was great!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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It's funny how I didn't play any of the games in their 'Worst Game That Everyone Played' category.

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i liked merceneries 2,sure it was glitched up,but i like to find glitches

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you gotta wonder how much these guys get paid

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lol i dont think i've heard a worst cast of characters

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iorn man is a 5 of 10 to me

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i like deca sports

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ninja gaiden 2? i thought this game was good

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i thought haze had an original concept.. they just effed it up.. R6 Vegas was by far the worst sequel. nothing different.. just unlockables and a sprint button. but yes.. world of goo is a winner on so many levels.. i love indie games because you get so many gems like WOG. peace :)

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mercs 2 looks awsome

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I actually really liked Mercs 2. Sure there were a couple of bugs and glitches, but it was still really fun to go to a base, blow it up, take a helicopter, blow up a city, then blow up the helicopter.

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I thought they really improved dynasty warriors 6.

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SW:TFU sucks so much and it should have won everything it was in:|

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Shaun White and Mercs Should NOT have won them awards. There the best games ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They shoud not been nomainated

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I loved Mercs 2 despite its flaws. As for Shaun White, well I've never played it so, no opinion.

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@ zeppelin967 I love the sarcasm!!

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I wasen't disopointed by Spore, I was overwelmed by it's awesome gameplay!

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Entertaining. Looks like Iron Man got the most awards. :)

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i think it was.

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I don't think that SW: FU was disapointing... :?

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@ JackHoleFace00: You're so right about Lock's Quest. It's sad shame. I went into Walmart and the entire NDS was practically full of those boring Imagine series games. Anyways, I agree that the "Best Game No One Played" is Air Traffic Chaos and Lock's Quest. Those games are a lot of fun. Too bad not many people have experienced their fun gameplay.

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spore was solid

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CycloneGU g/f got me the M&M Kart Racing game for Christmas 2008...this confirms never again let her buy me a game, always recommend gift cards...we played the M&M game once and agreed it was dumb, and it colleted dust...I tried it again once this evening, no better...and EB Canada only offers 85 cents if you want to trade in the game. Can't even buy a cup of coffee.

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mercenaries 2 was awesome!

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Merc 2 is insane, I loved it!

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how did mercenaries 2 beat out too human? too human was FAR worse....and how in gods name was force unleashed disapointing? i personaly loved it

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if everyone says mercenaries 2 was a horrible game why wasnt it in the least improved sequel category

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star wars was a good game but iron man suckedddd!!!

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haze SUCKS omg it failed so much

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so i can't download the update, I gotta buy a whole new game to get it all? what's up with that?

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Force Unleashed was an awesome game. Bu it could've been better

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why is mercs 2 the worst i think it was way better than the first especially with the tactical nuke

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i really enjoyed star war tfu, i thought too human was a good game- just not as good as it could have been, and mercs 2 was great apart from the occasional glitch

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i was really looking forward to haze, but its still pretty fun though

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lol iron man sucks

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I have a different opinion for most disappointing. Because Too Human had so much potential I would say it sucking was by far the most disappointing. It was certainly the biggest gaming disappointment I've faced in a long while. And mercs 2 was meh. They should have just stuck with what made the first one great.

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why is it star wars up there?? could someone explain??

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What about Madden as the worst sequell -that game has been the same since SEGA

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wait, why was star wars the force unleashed in here? that game rocks!!!