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Best New PC Games: Radical Heights Takes Steam By Storm, For Better Or Worse | Steam Punks

Good new multiplayer games? Sure, you could play Radical Heights. But why not check out the amazing SpyParty and Full Metal Furies instead?

So many games that come out on Valve’s Steam service each week, it’s almost impossible for PC gamers to get a good sense of what might be worthwhile. Some games make a huge splash all over the internet, but might not necessarily be worth all the attention. Genuinely amazing games can completely slip under your radar amongst all the noise, and you might be missing out on a hidden gem that’s 100% up your alley. But don’t worry--we’re doing the dirty work of going all of the new release of the past week, and showing you what’s worth paying attention to.

First up, Lobotomy Corporation is a monster management simulator based on the lore of the SCP Foundation. You’ll manage a lab whose goal is to harness monsters as an energy source, and maintain your base in a Fallout Shelter-style management interface as you build new facilities, capture more monsters, conduct research, and assign your subordinates to take care of things. Of course, this isn’t a safe business, and monster outbreaks, deaths, and employee insanity are definitely on the cards.

You’ll also have to deal with emergencies like surprise attacks and base meltdowns, and the fact that your employees tending to the monsters increases the occurrence rate for these disasters. There are way more elements to think about—-this is a dense game with a lot of intricacies, but though there are some noticeable problems with its translations, it’s worth a look if strategic management is your jam.

We implore you to play SpyParty, an incredibly unique competitive multiplayer game ten years in the making. One player takes the role of a spy at a crowded cocktail party, as you hide in plain sight and attempt to complete a series of discreet missions without raising suspicion with your subtle, but distinct, physical actions.

The other player takes the role of a sniper, looking at the party from the outside. The sniper needs to work out which one of the many characters is actually another human, and has one chance to take them out within the time limit. It’s an amazingly deep game that challenges your perception, your capacity for mimicry and performance, and your ability to keep your cool.

It seems like Radical Heights certainly made quite a splash in the past week, for better or worse. The new battle royale game from Lawbreakers studios Boss Key Games is looking to make its mark in the incredibly popular genre dominated by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. 1980s nostalgia is their big pull with this one, with bright neon colours, BMX bike riding, and interesting TV game show mechanics to give matches a distinct flavour.

Launching on Steam in ‘X-Treme Early Access’ has certainly earned it some mixed reactions. Unfinished levels geometry and missing animations are putting some people off, but the incredibly lighthearted nature and Joe Esposito songs are getting others on board. It’s free-to-play, so if you’re mildly interested it might be worth trying first-hand.

Finally, from the creators of the wonderful Rogue Legacy comes Full Metal Furies, a ‘true-cooperative’ action RPG. This four-player beat-em-up puts a huge emphasis on working together with your teammates to experiment and perform combo attacks for more efficient damage dealing. Each character class sports unique skills, but no individual is tough enough to go it alone.

The game allows you to play solo by picking two characters and switching between them, but this method is a little more demanding of you. Full Metal Furies boasts a wonderful visual presentation with an incredibly charming cast of characters with chuckle-worth writing to match. The campaign also has more variety than what you might expect from a beat-em-up game, and its RPG elements provide a good amount of skill diversity for your characters as you spend more time with them. If you and a few pals are looking for a hefty new co-op experience: this is it.

What new PC games have you been playing this week? Let us know on Twitter: @EdmondTran + @JessMcDonell

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Avatar image for saint311

Full Metal Furies is so good. Solo is really hard, co-op is where it's at. It's a shame they just recently implemented matchmaking co-op, but I hear that has all sorts of connectivity issues.

I'd really like to find a dedicated partner to finish up the campaign, but none of the few friends I've mentioned it to seem to care. *cry*

Avatar image for laff3n

A shame that Maelstrom goes under the radar, such an amazing game and loads of fun!

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

Good show.

Avatar image for boodleout

This has got to be the worst example of copycat game. These guys didn't even polish the game, just to get it out during the "boom" of battle royale games.

People think that Fortnite copied PUBG but they don't realise Fortnite was in development since 2011, it was their save the world PVE but it goes to show that Fortnite may have been the first with the concept of battle Royale.

Radical Heights just stinks of scummy, lazy greed. There's no love in this project. It's just trying to ride the wave of success of its 'competitors'.

Avatar image for newbpwnr

@boodleout: yeah fortnite was pretty buggy and threadbare when it launched. but they quickly got better and so far radical heights is doing the same thing. i play both for now.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@boodleout: Shrug, Fortnite did the same thing to PUBG. As the mob always says, it's just business, nothing personal.

Avatar image for deactivated-5bfc8187829ef

As a pro gamer Honeatly this is boring !now every one wants to make fortnite/pubge clone battle royal ........!so what .??one day i am going to wake up and see that there are no single player games any more. Tanks noobs so called new generation of gamers!

Avatar image for newbpwnr

@rezagtx2017: you forget all of the scammy indy devs on steam.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@rezagtx2017: What's next? More than two fighting games? More than one FPS? More than two puzzle games? GAWD! I hate this life so much.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@rezagtx2017: Even more annoying is that these battle royale games aren't very good... Like they could be way better than they actually are with some improvements.

Avatar image for guitargladiator

for a free-to-play battle royale with an all time peak player count of only about 12,000, i wouldn't say radical heights took anything by storm.

Avatar image for doyoya

Lol they make an article about PC games and link us to Steam to get our reviews. Of course they do that though...they haven't actually reviewed any of these games they mentioned right? Meanwhile...lets discuss the 100th Infinity War trailer for the 100th time