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Best New Netflix Movies And TV Shows To Watch In March 2019

Find out all the new shows, originals, and films are coming to the streaming platform in March as we list our top recommendations, including Triple Frontier starring Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac, Arrested Development Season 5 B, and Love, Death & Robots!

Are you looking for something new to watch on Netflix? It's March, and that means a whole bunch of new content has been unleashed onto the digital world. However, there is so much that it can be tough to sift through what's worth your time and what's worth passing up on. Don't worry, we got you covered. In the video above, we have some pretty sweet Netflix recommendations for you.

One of the coolest shows hitting Netflix this month is a brand-new animated series. However, you may not want to have the kids around because the content is very much for adults. Love Death + Robots is an anthology series produced by David Fincher. The series runs the gamut with genres, ranging from horror to sci-fi to comedy to romance. It's coming to the streaming service on March 15.

Although Arrested Development stumbled with Season 4, the first half of Season 5 was pretty good, and on March 15, the second half hits Netflix. Hopefully, the show has found its footing again. Also hitting the service that day is Season 3 of Queer Eye, where the Fab 5 will once again make over a bunch of people's lives, while we all sob uncontrollably--then lie about said sobbing to our friends because no one can know how emotional we are.

Not mentioned in the video above, but one you should mark on your calendars is The Dirt. Hitting the service on March 22, the movie is a dramatic adaptation of an autobiography about Mötley Crüe, the '80s rock band who had a on unforgettable on stage flair. They were also known for destroying hotel rooms, so if you like seeing Hiltons be destroyed, this will be for you.

If you're interested in everything that's coming out for Netflix in March, check out the full list of releases.