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Best Netflix Releases Of October 2018: New Movies And TV Shows To Watch

Find out which shows, originals, and films are on the way to the streaming platform in October as we list our top recommendations, including Daredevil season 3, Castlevania season 2, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!

We're approaching the end of the year, and throughout October, Netflix has a full tap of new streaming shows and movies on the way to keep you watching all month long. This is the time for spooky delights, so the streaming service is leaning in with plenty of thriller and horror additions to its library. Here are some of this month's best additions. If you'd prefer to look ahead, we also now know what's new on Netflix for November 2018.

Just a week before Halloween, we got a pair of macabre original series. Castlevania begins its second season after a critically acclaimed first. We’ve seen the heroes assembled and now they’re setting off on their quest to stop Dracula and save humanity. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina debuted on the same day, featuring a darker take on the character than you may recognize from the 1990s sitcom.

Daredevil Season 3 kicked off its next season with a release that came on October 19. This season features the Kingpin returning to his central role and sporting his iconic white suit, while hero Matt Murdock seems to burn down all the vestiges of his non-costumed life. If that doesn’t sound scary, you obviously haven’t seen what the Kingpin can do with a car door and a lackey’s head. Finally, Making a Murderer started its second season this month as well.

Those original series were joined by a variety of horror films, headlined by The Shining and The Apostle. It’s all enough to scare the pantaloons off of you just in time for the season of scares. For more, check out the full October lineup.