Behind the Mask: Death's World - Darksiders II BTS Video

The Darksiders II team discusses bringing the environments and characters to life in this behind-the-scenes video.

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the strange thing is that it comes from thq a giant in games industry

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Its funny how ppl that never played this or the prior game compare it to wow or magic. lol they probably never played either. Just say your not interested an leave it at that. Dont flash your stupidity.

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So excited for this. I loved the first game, it is just a shame it was overlooked by so many people.

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Awesome! Really liked the 1st one. Now it can only get better!

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I didn't really like the first darksiders, as god forbid it felt a bit too limited for me... However before you flame the hell out of me... I am really looking forward to this one, and am seriously considering purchasing this :)

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Y U No release this now :) !!! I can't wait

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Can't wait till july i want this now

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@Armyboy5 [quote="You"]and insulting me the way you did ( atleast tried to ) will only result in you getting a warning from gamespot ( or ban in case you've been warned a few times already )[/quote]

You might want to know that flaming and trolling are no longer offenses at GameSpot. :|

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"Death is only the beginning" Not in this case it's not, this "death" is gonna rip your heart out.

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Raziel !!! Nooooooo.....

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The first one seemed extremely stiff and boring at start, but as you got more into it and unlocked moves it actually became quite fun. His character still seems a bit stiff in movement, but was cool.

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"the dead place is the area of death" no sh*t sherlock.... anyway,lookin forward to this sequel!!

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@Nosoor Do you really have to be pathetic to make a point? A game is a game is a game! Every game is an entity unto itself and doesn't need to be compared to others to classify it as good or bad unless it is trying to compete. No Darksiders is not a God Of War but what game has lived up to that standard? Every slasher game that has come out after G.O.W.has been put through the grinder because it wasn't a G.O.W. The most beaten up of them all was Dante's Inferno! To call Darksiders garbage just shows your bias. There is really only "ONE" thing that makes a game good or bad and that is if people buy it and even that can be debated. You can rattle your saber all you want and you are entitled to your opinion but at least have a real point when expressing your dissatisfaction. A Camaro SS isn't a Ferrari 458 but nobody would call the Camaro garbage because it isn't a Ferrari. Darksiders wasn't a "GREAT" game but it was a good game overall in my opinion. I enjoyed playing it a lot and I am glad that another one was made. I hope they eventually make one where all four of the horseman will be involved. But I guess we will have to see how Death does this time around for now.

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no it wasnt good game dude its so un professional for god sake the game was hollow it contains nothing yu play with a horse man who was called down by a demon then the council punish him for that the he tries to set things right dude its not even his fault then dude ok you liked it my friend likes it do he likes prototype also wich is OMG so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad i rate 4 for it . but man this is like twilight a movie made a lot of money but its nothing it deserves nothing thanks to ppl who lives and belives in god know what because i dnt know and i dnt care i played this game dark siders and i found it so bad i dnt like and i have 1000 reasons do make you not like it to and they are :

1 gameplay one of the most slow un various engine i ever seen (copare it to combat games engin god ,pop ww,inferno ,dmc,some other games )this game is nothing in combat moves

2:graphs imean wt*** dude cmon its like playing tmnt (kids game)

3 story has no story at all so weak though strong idea and so nice am righting a story and dark sider is one of my inspirations but as i told u

4:gamplay over all is fair not bad but it would have been better if they took more time elements are great but gameplay heh

look bro its not about i like the game or not but its about quality i used to die for pop i finished the game so many times but they failed later and i hoped they leave it at the t2t but they had to destroy the good memory with this lost sands then gow came up dmc even dmc is going to be a fail i guarantee you that they are out of ideas

resident evil too dude its never about do you liek it or not its about quality they deliver i hate soccer and i liked proevo better than fifa i hate pro 11 for the stupid engine they used any way dude dnt hold any thing this is professional critc

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For me, i think this game is the new god of war...

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dude wt gow man plssss


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This is going to be cool

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Hopefully they will actually beta test this one before releasing it with GAME ENDING BUGS like the first!!!

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The Environments and the characters look Great.....Overall, the Game looks Great....Just Hoping that the Game 'is' Great....:D

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playing the first one cant wait for the second one

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I hope they fix the health system in this game. I didn't like how it was in the first and I'm hoping they will go a different approach such as storing healing potions.

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@Nosoor So you don't like the story or the story? Right. Just because you did not like the game from personal preference does not mean that the game is bad. I mean we all know that call of duty is a poor game but it is popular.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> ok it s not personal i played the game to the end i gave my opinion after completed the game this is professional critic the story is poor

and call of duty is not a poor game look at the graphs history of the game look at the story in single player but am with you mp its not just poor it sucks

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complete retardation i didnt like the 1st game not the story nor the story all just stupid game who would play this garbage after god of war and some other great sword swinging games

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the art of this game looks great!

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looks vey good

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Looks really good so far.

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I have played the first one and it was one the best games I have ever played!!!! Great plot Great gameplay great design ..I mean Joe Madueira did this it's awesome! I am really excited about the second one cause it looks even better! I wish there were more games this kind!

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If I had never played the Soul Reaver series experiencing the exploration of vampire citadels and time travel all wrapped up in an epic scale scenario of deceptions, I would be impressed. Unfortunately for THQ I have done the above and still can not find something better. Still hoping though...

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Getting this for Wii U.

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@Armyboy5 "I don't even know if i'd play it for free"...looks like a bash to me...a bash only a moronic kid like you would do... As you can see from your thumbs down and my thumbs up and from the fact I'm not the only one that's responding you...well you can clearly see that you are an idiot that no one agrees with him... actually came to this page to post your opinion of the first game...what an idiot kid... Go away from where you came troll...and never play any game again... are actually telling me I'm an idiot when you are the moron with a stupid FPS avatar and an actual name that makes reference to FPS games... Go and play Tetris and never come back...

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@Darnasian Normally I woulden't respond to a post like yours, but you've got no one to blame but yourself for letting somebody OPINION bother you without even actually bashing the game, I didn't even say anything bad about the game, I just stated the fact that I didn't like the first game and I don't even wanna bother with the second (you said it yourself, it's a matter of taste).. I wonder what gave you the boost to actually make a 11 line post and made you so pissed, you're either a little kid or you've got serious problems. I was gonna start quoting like every sentence from your post and explain how idiot you made yourself look to reasonable people like myself, but I think I've let this nonesense spend enough of my time.

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just an opinion, but I see lots of heroes of might and magic inspiration in the (seemingly amazing) world they created. On a HUGE scale, that is. Seems really promising. Loved the first one! A shame not a whole lot of people heard about it ...

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looks good i hope it has more than 1 combo like in part 1. i rented and returned part 1 in 2 days cause of this.

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This game is going to be an amazing one! just look at these graphics... and Death appears to be 10 times more badass than War!

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@vashish39 fury and strife don't need game at least if they won't be in darksiders 3 then it will be good coop, then they can make darksiders 3 cop 4 horsemen revenge :)

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weeeee we saw samael on his throne!! :)

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Awesome :)

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I didn't know Saheed was making video games...

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looks good.

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The first one was one of the best action RPG I've ever played. Day one purchase. :)

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the only thing I want to know about it: the soundtrack! I wonder how many lovely Heavy/Death metal songs will be in this game :D

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Loved the first game ! Definitely getting this one.

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Death looks cool!!!!

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Waiting for this game....

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looks nice.. hope they make a game for every horseman...that would be so cool:D

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@silversix_ I see no reference or hint at Magic the Gathering in Darksiders whatsoever. The only resemblance to WoW is the open-landscapes and large enemies shown for a few seconds in the trailer. The first game played more like Legend of Zelda in terms of dungeons, if that's what you're referring to; this one looks a lot closer to God of War. I don't feel like pointing out the numerous similarities, but there is a strikingly obvious similarity between GoW and this franchise.

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This trailer only showed 4 creatures, and they were all screaming/battle cry. The exact same action...What?