Bedroom Brawl in Heavy Rain PlayStation 4 Remaster - Gameplay

Heavy Rain's private investigator Scott Shelby gets in a bedroom brawl while hunting for leads in this PlayStation 4 remaster of the acclaimed 2010 title.

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when is this out because it looks great.... you know, they should have kept it going... i mean, after Heavy Rain, there were a lot of possibilities for another Heavy Rain. i am NOT going to spoil Heavy Rain for those who haven't had played it on the Playstation 3 console. but i will say this though, i am going to pre-ordered this game for the Playstation 4 console..

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Now with even more emotions.

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Man this game is showing its age.

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It's really just an HD texture pack. The game otherwise still looks awkward at times.

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Yeah the walk is kind of awkward.

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@lonewolf1044: it would be really funny if that is how he walks in real life and we are complaining about nothing.

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Whoever was playing this made me think of Alone in the dark.

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@barcaazul: The controls in this game were fucking aweful. You had to hold R1 to walk forward and then it was like some weird analogue stick/tank control hybrid for the rest.

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I know and that plus the fact I played to platinum is why I won't get this on PS4 again , but even so...

I did really enjoy the game overall though.

I don't recommend motion control though, is even worse than finger twister!

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@barcaazul: I know, couldn't walk straight to save their life....