Battling Through the Salikawood and Phon Coast in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age

The Zodiac Age is a prettier, smoother version of Final Fantasy 12 coming to PS4. Watch Vaan and company fight in the trees and on the sand on their way to the capitol!

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Love the remastered music!

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From memory the opening scene to this game was a main character killing another ally young character in cold blood.

While I usually get attached to Final Fantasy and it's characters. That just put me off straight away and I stopped playing very early.

MIGHT give it another go...

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Easily one of my favorites in the series. Looking forward to playing through it again and getting the Zodiac Spear this time ;)

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Ugh, why are they playing with the lines on? I remember turning those off after the first battle.

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Release date? loved the game back on PS2.

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such a great game in many respects... the art direction, character designs, world setting, music, battle system, overall polish. that said, i have to agree with those who felt the story was lacking. it was... not to mention i found it overly convoluted and difficult to follow as a result. the characters were all very likeable and expertly voice acted, but did not get enough time to develop. still, this is a must play game and one of my favourite in the series.

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Gameplay looks better than FFXV IMO.

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phenomenal gameplay, completely forgettable story and living world

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@randomselect_rs: Agreed. The story just disappears somewhere. Love the game anyway and will buy it day one.

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@randomselect_rs: I guess you would think that if you prefer the dumb spoon fed exposition and melodrama of the previous games. FF12's is a lot smarter and mature than the previous games.

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@Prats1993: i will take back what i said about the world of the game, its not forgettable(i remember the areas quite vividly), its just uninspired. i stand by my criticism of the story, and no it's not because of its political nature(i follow RL politics pretty closely). as you may or may not be aware of, the online offerings of FF(11&14) have very heavy political plots to them and i very much enjoyed them. ffxii just wasnt a very engaging story.

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@Prats1993: Because it's a political-driven story? That doesn't make it good. I don't think it was bad, just not what you would expect from a Final Fantasy game. It didn't suit the game. It would have been way better with the average FF plot.

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I may be the minority in this but I really enjoyed the European voice acting in this Final Fantasy. Probably my favorite so far, though Final Fantasy 6 will always be my favorite Final Fantasy tale.