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Check out some of the highlights from the panel discussion detailing the future of from BlizzCon 2009.

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    I was a little nervous about the Collectors Edition getting Special Profile Protraits and Decals, but It seems that even the regular edition will be able to get most of them, and on the plus side the regular edition Thor looks better to me too. Can't wait to play the game.

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    also at 7:38 Enoyls is selected (because that's 'you') and the second box is a color choice box!!! :) color choice!!!

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    OMG, i just noticed. in the main screen it has Enoyls point count (I'm guessing that's the star-in-the-shield thing) IS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!

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    FYI(more of for everyone's understanding): whenever you are not playing as guest you are in even if you are playing campaign or skirmish you are in The new is not a multiplayer option, it is EVERYTHING once you have logged in. logging is give you your name ect. but guest just names you as guest, and because there is no profile for guest, there are no stats saved, including how far you have gotten into the campaign (unless they share advances in campaign between profiles). this also means as a guest you probably cannot save. some people have this confused. (I'm so excited, BETA THIS MONTH)

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    @BigBigLArs Then i guess you can't connect to I think that's obvious-.- And if you don't have internet, then you can play offline "As a guest"

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    what if you dont have internet ????

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    Looks good. Seems like they are adding lot's of new stuff. I will only play the campaign, and skirmish games against the CPU, so I won't see much of the new

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    Yay! Im loving this whole thing. Blizzards doing a great job. These little things make a huge difference.

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    where are the channels at? no clan channels anymore? just... party chat?

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    Achievements... party system... facebook... lol what a bunch of unnecessary crap... The only thing here which is truly a plus is the Replay system... It sucks seeing all game companies nowadays spending so much time on this pathetic xbox 360 type community system.

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    @deathknight03 "To me it just seems that there expanding the WoW community into there other franchise games." They are doing that but i dont think thats a bad thing at all. WoW has a huge community and the best part of starcraft is the online capabilities. If they can make it as easy as possible for the community to grow i think thats a great thing to happen.

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    it almost seem's at the end of the interview that there trying to make everything WoW oriented so that if your playing another game that they produced you can still find out what is going on in there "main Game Franchise, WoW." Could work both ways though, playing in WoW and want some 2v2's or run Hell difficulty DIII. To me it just seems that there expanding the WoW community into there other franchise games.

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    cannot wait for sc2 wounder what the specs will be and if they will release it before 2015..... ps watch this how many times did they mention crappy wow^

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    Saw the thing live streamed, and it's not synced up right. The audio's about 10 seconds behind the video.

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    over 9000 anyone? :P

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    I like

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    New looks SOOOO Sexy! Can't wait to see how it will look with Diablo III.

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    Well I`m glad that they wont be charging a fee for Bnet. I haven`t heard otherwise from anything at blizzcon.

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    hemmmm i'll love the way they did it & i can't be wait for it

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    "miniscule decals on your units!" and the crowd cheers. I love Blizzcon..

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    Sick of WoW...

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    They made sure you have to log in to play it so it is harder to pirate it.

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    they should rename it barcraft cus its a bit like sitting in a bar waiting for a over pirced drink that look really fancy, everyone wants and yet you are still bloody waiting.

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    Fantastic features, Im impressed.

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    @pvtdonut54 Because, WoW was successful.

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    That ship at 11:51 looks like it was made on spore

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    blizzard is just raking in the dough, wow is making a hundred million dollars right, maybe blizz can make a completely brand new game with new lore new everything and make it like wow starcraft and diablo combined together into one amazing awesomely game

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    Looks like they pasted a new GUI over Steam. I do like the addition of the "what I would really like to do" announcement while playing another game. That and the facebook/twitter integration are the only real improvements and would love to see Steam add those. Good ideas. Still, even if it is a copy/paste for the most part, it's a great, established system that works tremendously well. Best thing they could have done with, imo. Looking forward to playing. =)

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    but why so WoWish...

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    It looks almost done..

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    looks gooood