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beautiful game and cool

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Here's a new concept no one seems to have figured out yet, hey instead of making the games fun with creativity and nice environment, lets just make stuff unlockable, like ICONS, wow. How dumb has the gaming community gotten in the last 10 years. Basically games are now coming down to, we want you play our crappy game and extremely boring game with suberb graphics over and over again to unlock an icon. sigh. One thing battlenet has gotten right is the even match making system, nice work and battlenet has always been popular and generally full of ppl

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the lich king rocks and the game too

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This look awesome and cool put together

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Maybe I should get Starcraft.

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No redzepelin..... THIS IS STARCRAFT!!

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Yeah!! Warcraft 3 battlenet!!

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and none of you know what those words mean so yeah it's all good

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wait.... lan-less...? when did he say that? that is a bunch of KAK!!! i want lan damnit...blizzard your all moneythursty bunch of soulless 1st world-ish klomp hoere!!

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I stopped listening when you said lan-less, go count your money soulless bastards

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lol.. blizzard...

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ATVI is their ticker symbol but you probably want to get a consultant if your new.

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This is a Battle.Net developer discussion and - though it affects SCII certainly - is really miscategorized since it will affect Blizzard's entire game catalog. More on-topic, it looks like Blizzard is borrowing a lot of its most successful features in WoW, like its new LFG tool, and borrowing themes from social networking sites to try to build a Blizzard community of gamers. It sounds like a great way to get those gamers together. How do I invest in Blizzard, again?

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i've waited a decade for this game, cmon blizzard just release the game im running out of time... LOL

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gogo B NET:)

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lul they misspelled director in the subtitle of the video as "directer"

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I hated battle.net before and I won't change that feeling just because it is getting a make-over. I will not be purchasing ANY games made by Blizzard on account of that.

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ye if i got to pay there are one milion better strategy games to play

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if i'll have to pay for playing battle net, i won't even buy the game ...

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@tntgrunge5 battle.net a history program? get your fact's right dude. lol

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Lets be honest battlenet is becoming a copy of G4WL wich is a program that i really hate ( in terms of SP achievements ) battlenet is not a succesfull history program, i can clearly remembet when it started: everyone hated it, to run smooth you must had 512 mb of ram in lets say... year 2000... i regognize that it has evolved a lot and now its a great program, but thats just now ...

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One question comes to mind when thinking of the new Battle.net 2.0 . How secure was it coded? With it now being integrated into all Blizz games I can't help to think of the possible exploits and buffer overflows in the code, SQL injection vulnerabilities, putting our beloved accounts at risk. Hell even the instant messenger service is bound to have exploits or at least, give a malicious user means to connect and attack other users via Phishing attacks or whatever. Knowing how Blizzard always attracts an extremely large user base they always seem to be a main target i.e Diablo 2 and WoW. I can see hacked Bnet accounts up for grabs on E-Bay in the near future. Some food for thought

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too much advertising for b.net, will they be charging for it?

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great, I'm hooked already

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Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3... I'd be in heaven if Warcraft went back to its RTS roots.

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Wow steam with bnet on it, what an innovative thought LOL

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an Uber Blizzard only update to steamness. Cool service, just seems late, even later since we waiting for sc2

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go diablo 3

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mmmm, interesting time will tell

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wow...what a great game :) i cant wait for that... go go go blizzard :D

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hahaha it will be if it come out... it has like 2 years coming out i think we'll never see this game

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this game is gonna be awesome

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@ Blucifernyc so what your saying is that without b.net we wouldn't have huge selection of DLC content, a instant message service that lets you invite friends to other games , or a way to keep all your games together and updated. yes B.net has been around a long time but it currently has none of this. have you even used steam before? there are alot more than handful of good games they also have bundle deals and discounted prices all the time not to mention all the old classic games you can download, its a alot better than trying to find someone online with a used scratched copy. steam will never be a ghost town because unlike B.net it offers service across 3rd party games not just there own valve games. I also like it alot better that i can see what my friends are doing and not have to be in a game.

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O I left one thing out. 4. If your a map maker, blizzard will allow your maps to be downloaded from bnet and allow people to rate it. Map makers will have a easier time then ever to spread there maps.

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Wow so much misinformation in this thread. Let me clear a few things up. !. You will not be charged to play on bnet, once you buy sc2/diablo 3 you will have access to bnet for FREE FOREVER. 2. You do not have to be connected to the internet to play starcraft, you do need internet access when you first install sc2, but only that one time. 3. Those sayin that it's like xbox live and steam do know that bnet was around before those two and is just being updated for current times? Again you dont have to PAY for bnet, you dont have to be connected to play. 3. There will not be lan when offline, but you may connect to bnet first and then have access to lan with your friends so even if you internet drops your game will not.

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Battle.net graphics look better than all of Blizzard games graphics. I can hear some little kid say that he can not use Battle. net because he still uses window 98" and has a 16mb graphics card.

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I cant wait to play SC 2 on Bnet :D GG to all wannabe RTS games out thre atm :P

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1. without b.net and blizzard paving the way steam would most likely not be around. 2. take away the million CRAP game's that are a waste of money sold on steam and you get a handfull of decent games 3. once sc2 and d3 come out steam will be a ghost town. (hmm almost like bnet will will be but with games that are good) keep up the good work blizz and F the haters!!!!!!!!

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No LAN still sux, maibe they should allow LAN, but only when you are connected to Bnet. That way people who play LAN won't suffer from pirates and the game will be secure.

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I've read that BNET 2.0 will have a re-connection feature as well, for example your playing a custom game and your net goes down for a while you will still be able to re-connect if the game is still ongoing or your team isn't defeated. Heroes of Newerth had this also, it's really convenient for those who have unstable internet connection.

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Oh Noes!! no LAN!! Errr recent RTS'es doesn't have this anymore so I'm not surprised blizz is doing the same thing. DoW2 and Empire total war have no lan but nobody complained. There will be LAN-like latency though after authenticating your copy first online yes it won't be as reliable like the real thing but still you'll enjoy a lag free game with your friends. The benefit of not having LAN is that it won't be easily cracked by 3rd party online LAN emulators like garena,hamachi etc. They just mindlessly steal the game for the sniveling pirates to enjoy, in the end it hurt's the developers and legit customers because of fewer PC exclusives every year,.

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This is all great news but will we experience frequent lag and disconnection that we regretably endure in your current Battle.net service? Will you have the servers and bandwidth to power the soon to be massive community? Because the last thing I want to happen is to be dropped every few games like in Diablo 2...

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What about Diablo? Gamespot posts a Diablo picture for the article but this video doesn't cover Diablo 3 what so ever... Well Kerrigan is there too I guess.

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actually chaos b.net does sell blizzard games digitally.. There really is a direct comparison between steam and battle.net but battle.net will be much more streamlined because its a gigantic service focusing on just a few blizzard games.. atleast thats what it is for the forseeable future.. but maybe activision/blizzard take on steam someday.. if anyone can they can. Lets get a next gen Blizzard game out already.. we are tired of waiting. I really only care about Diablo 3 because rts isnt my thing but I will definatly buy Starcraft 2 just because Blizzard put there heart and soul into this game so it will be a masterpiece.

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WHy people are whining, lot of players think that they will need to be online when they are playng single player campaign, nope u don't need to be online in single it's not like F..ing drm system, u will use B net if u want to play multi,chat with someone and other fun things and about lan system it's good that they have removed it if they were not removed we would not see sc2. they removed lan system because sc, wc3 and Diablo were pirated and played by everyone.

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I can't even begin to imagine the amount of fun sc 2 and d3 will deliver on the new b.net. Gonna be amazing and like nothing we've ever played before its the next generation of Sc, Warcraft and diablo :D !

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looks pretty sweet been waiting 10yrs. for starcraft2 its about time.

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Please stop working on Starcraft 2 and Battlenet and move all Blizzard teams to speed up the release of Diablo 3. Then move to its expansion. After that you can go back to Starcraft 2 :D