Battlefield Streamer Proposes To Girlfriend At EA's E3 Event

One gamer popped the big question during the Battlefield 1 stream at EA Play.

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Congratulations to the couple !!

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Love is in the air at E3! :) Very sweet.

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Tacky tasteless and very forgetable just like those couples that get engaged at baseball games.. My father would be so ashamed of me coming from a traditional Italian family from Chicago gosh the headaches that would bring but hey good luck to them though!

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@BlackBaldwin: I bet you're fun at parties....

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Since they met through gaming, I thought this worked. Some say a proposal should be more personal, but to me this is personal, to them.

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On next E3 , Article how they divorce coz one of them threw grenade to him/her in hardcore game :)))

PS. on other note Good luck

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I proposed someone in league of legends and she reported me.

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Not how I would've done it, to say the least. What could be more romantic than proposing while she's at a computer? lol

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This is so lame a marriage proposal is suppose to be a personal thing with you and your love ones, not a public spectacle to try and get attention.

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@yukushi: Whats so bad about making their marriage proposal public? Aren't you posting on a public forum? You could have written your comment in a piece of paper and hid it under your bed so nobody could see it. But instead you chose to post it on a public forum so anybody in the world can see it. I don't see any problem with them making it public. As long as they are happy, its all fine with me.

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@lavamelon: I can't connect your counter-example with the original post, but I agree, I think it's a nice gesture. When it's yukushi's turn (if it hasn't happened already), then s/he can do it in a private, more personal setting, which is also nice. Different strokes for different folks, and that's OK.

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lol pathetic

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I don't get why people need to make such a big deal out of "proposing". It's something private between two people, no need to make such a big fuss about it, with cameras and shit, and being cringy in the process.

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so sweet

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That was so sweet. :)

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I giv'em 5 months

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@Vatusus: who cares watch 13 years from now still married lol

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ah so sweet

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It was funny to see a ring in such a big box. I was expecting him to take the ring box out of it but this was hilarious and cute. Good for them.

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@nibbin1191: I feel like he was trying to hype up the moment and get a bigger reaction but there looked like there was no one there lol. Should've played it out to be a bit more of a somber moment lol.

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@nibbin1191: They chose to have it there, publically with those people. It was about them, stop making shit out of nothing.

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Fukin EA with their cringe ass set up proposals and shit.

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That was cute, good for them. Wish them a long and happy life together!

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I really like this video. There are so many people who stereotype nerds and gamers as "virgin losers who live in their mothers basements", yet here is a hardcore gamer proposing to his girlfriend. Just goes to show the REAL losers are the ones who stereotype other people as losers. I am a gamer myself and I am happily married to a beautiful wife, and have a wonderful baby daughter, with more kids being planned (God willing).

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@lavamelon: There ARE plenty of losers that game all day and don't get shit done though. It's a fair stereotype IMO. After all, it's a hobby that requires you to sit on your ass for long periods of time.

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@dashaka: being a loser is fine though, nobody cares...the issue should be WHY do you care if someone sits on their ass all day - stereotypes = dont mean shit, your opinion my opinion anyones opinion = doesnt mean shit, someone wants to do drugs, or lay around, or sit on their ass, the hell do you care ? were sitting here TYPING about someone PLAYING all day long (not much better) "loser" = does not matter 1 bit. you loose when you die, period...and we all die (no matter what you've accomplished, it means SQUAT) all this being sober, healthy, doing right thing, "balance" of lifestyle = what does it mean in the end ? do what you want, when you want, for as long as you want

dont want children

dont want marriage

trust-fund baby

cannabis, games & sleeping (if someone choses that) and CAN afford to do so...why would anyone care ? or give 2 squats what someone else does THATS the problem is too many ppl concerned with how others live.

I mean really think....random people YOU DONT know think you are a loser cause you play games all day...and...(looks around) that...changes..what ? people are still going to lay around, play games, do whatever they intend on doing criticism doesn't mean much when you are a sociopath :)

Wealthy sociopath, lays around does nothing...he doesn't care to "further" a family line, he doesn't care to "do something productful" cause (its all for naught in the end) yes I realize there are certain responsibilities that we all have (paying bills, work, grocery shopping, car/vehicle maintenance, among other things) but you might as well live the life you want, not saying that everyone THINKS like that...its a mixed bag out there...but I'm sure there is some 30-something dude...has a small apartment or town-home, has enough money to survive (peoples financial situations can vary from person to person) & they dont want children, OR marriage (and quite literally do not LONG for companionship, they don't see it as a moral-failing, why do people expect people to live a certain way) shit if I am rich, an arrogant asshole, single, and want to remain a burnout gamer single, and doing AS he pleases each day...thats EASY, stress-free how is that a bad thing...If you have plenty of time...and you don't need to accomplish much during the day you have TIME to play games for hours every day or so many days upon the week then why not ? (get educated, get a small town-home, no yardwork, make money, you can have your family & friends, maybe you don't want children, or marriage, or "domestication") and your hobby of gaming has been a life-long passion, why does ANYONE care about that ? That is a persons personal business, stereotypes = accomplish nothing. People are going to continue to do as they please. I have a few other hobbies & interests & I have family / friends...including a niece & nephew (despite not wanting children or marriage myself and I'm in my late 30s) I just know what I enjoy, and what I dont. and I just dont understand why people care so much about what OTHER people do...this right here (our posts, comments, responses) is IMO worse then being a gamer all day. "Loser" is a broad and loosely used term...and in all honesty it accomplishes nothing, changes nothing and means very little..just live your life on your terms, long as you are not leeching off others, hurting anyone then it shouldn't matter.

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@dashaka: Some gamers may be like that, but not all of us are like that. There are plenty of losers out there that don't play games at all. Sitting on your butt for long periods of time? I wish I had that luxury. I barely have much time to play games anymore, compared to when I was younger. The stereotype is unfair because non-gamers over-estimate how long gamers play. I once told somebody at work that I play games, and he automatically assumed I play games 24/7, which is not even remotely true. I play occasionally, not 24/7. If I have no life, then how did I manage to have a succesful career in the IT industry, as well as buy two houses, get married, and have a baby daughter. If that is the life of a "loser", then I want to be an even bigger loser.

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@lavamelon: Heh, if you're out of time, don't have more kids. I'm still playing Horizon, and I've been playing it since March 1.

I kid, I kid. Sorta.

Funny, though, your co worker's reaction. I find, out here in my suburban life, that when I mention I play games to people, they're always a) a bit shocked and b) so very relieved they aren't the only ones. Like "Oh, really? You, too? I thought I was the only forty something dude (or dudette) that does!" and then it's all cool. I've become friends with my kid's gym teacher because we found common ground about games. My. Kid's. GYM. Teacher.

I'm with you: fight the stereotype every chance you get. Subvert it, even. I love going hiking in my gamespot shirt (what, don't we all have one?) taking pictures out there on mountains.

And, to keep this on topic, congrats to the new couple in the video. And a tip to them: you want to time to game...wait on the kids.

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@MadKeloo: I am saying that because I hate the stereotype that gamers are losers, not because I am triggered. As if I am going to give a crap about what some Internet trolls think of me.

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@lavamelon: Hopefully you're not referring to me? Wasn't trolling, just pointing out a fact that a lot of gamers are losers. It's an activity that suits laziness so perfectly that it's impossible not to attract those types. There are plenty of casual gamers now, as gaming has risen dramatically in the past 10 years. I do feel like that stereotype has died down a bit though, since so many people do game at least a little, and EVERYONE plays some sort of mobil gaming.

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That was actually kinda cute, even if the box did make the ring look small. Still, cheers to that.

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What the hell does this crap has to do with games I mean really.

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@gamer6130: A gamer proposed to his gamer girlfriend at a gaming convention

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Corny as f*ck

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This is beautiful. I don't understand why people are so salty about this

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@kanekan-slaugh: If somebody is salty over this video, its likely due to jealousy over somebody else having a girlfriend while they themselves are single.

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@lavamelon: No, it's goddamn cheesy.

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@MadKeloo: Cheesy because you are jealous that he has a girlfriend and you probably don't. I know how human nature and jealousy work.

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@lavamelon: That doesn't make it less cheesy and cringy. He could've proposed in private, since this is a private matter, but people like to show of. Apparently you "know" how "human nature and jealousy work". Because if someone doesn't agree or finds something cringy, it means it's jealous, it can't possibly be another explanation.

People who have stuff assume others are jealous of their "achievements".

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@MadKeloo: What's so bad about them being public about their proposal? Not everything needs to be done in private behind closed doors. If they felt comfortable and making this public, then I am happy for them. Its their decision to make, I am happy for whatever they wanted to do, private or public. And I apologise for sounding too harsh in my previous comments. It was wrong for me to accuse you like that. Sorry man.

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I like the idea but that box made the ring look really tiny when it was opened

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i got a battlepack she'd like better.

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Please, let me a second so I can puke my guts away...

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