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Battlefield 2042 | Development Update: Redux and Season 6 First Look

This Development Update includes your first look at what's coming in Season 6 of Battlefield 2042, but first, get ready to gear up and punch in because Battlefield 2042: Redux is on the way later this month.

This in-game event gives you the chance to relive some of the best moments from the last year of Battlefield 2042. Experience, re-engage and reap weekly rewards while finding new ways to play across your favorite modes and maps, from Rush XL, Tactical Conquest, Breakthrough Chaos to Conquest Assault and Shutdown. But wait, there's more! Your weekends just got an upgrade. In fact, so did your week. Get your hands on 2XP weekends and weekly rewards*. And, of course, there will be quality of life improvements to keep you coming back for more.

What's up first? Get up close and personal for some serious close-quarters combat in The Liquidators. Then hit the ground running in the Battle of Nordvik, where everything comes down to securing the objective at all costs. Finally, there's Leviathan Rising where you'll need to sabotage the enemy's operation and force their retreat. If you missed any of these incredible experiences the first time around it's your second chance to get in on the chaos and find out why they became instant fan favorites.