Battlefield 1's New Operations Mode

Battlefield 1 has a new mode that advances rush's tight team-coordinated attacks. Spencer details Operations mode, get the latest!

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So like basically a larger scale rush.

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am i the only one wishes this was WW2

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@XxXDarkness0XxX: i wish it was either another modern era game, or a Vietnam era game. but thats just my opinion. im sure some players think WW1 is perfect.

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@XxXDarkness0XxX: nop

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@XxXDarkness0XxX: Something tells me that if this is a success, which I'm sure it will be, then WW2 will be on the cards for one of the next two games. I say two because it may well be that they go down the modern route/historical route strategy in order to appease all of the players. Who knows, maybe a Bad Company could be on the cards as well?

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@gotrekfabian: If it is WW2 again I hope they do some new and different things. WW2 has been done to death (although not lately).

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It's live on EA Access right now a day early!! I'm downloading it as I type. 44.95GB. Should take forever!

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Still can't cook grenades?

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The Flag is all wrong. Before 1923 the Ottoman Empire Flag was different. The Current flag is the Turkish Republic Flag.

Sorry but I won't play this game in a team against my flag :)

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@ahmetxca: im American i play BF4 against the USA flag all of the time. dude its only a game smh.

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@ahmetxca: Play on the turkish side :D

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ok, this sounds like a good mode, and the shittyness of conquest has always been my biggest complaint with this series.

the sad part is that everyone will just play Conquest

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@with_teeth26: Conquest or bust.

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@with_teeth26: Conquest is Battlefield's bread and butter mode, it is how it is intended to be played which is why most people opt for that mode. The pandemonium of conquest is what makes it great but if it's not your thing then don't play it, there are plenty of other modes which I'm sure will be heavily populated as well.

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if it gets a 9.5,i'll get it

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@Lazerbeak2125: I'm predicting a 9 for it's multiplayer alone but I can't vouch for the campaign.

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@Lazerbeak2125: GameSpot only gives whole number reviews.

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@Lazerbeak2125: Buying a game on behalf of someone else's excitement?

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This to me is EA's last chance to prove me wrong. I can't stand that company. But after playing the BETA and hearing/seeing more info and videos, I can't wait to fully buy this. Last chance EA. I promise you.

Unless your next game is WW2, then I'm f(*&ed!

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I hate EA....but this actually has me sort of pumped.

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Best looking FPS for PS4, the engine of the game makes all the difference in the world and makes this new game very immersive due to its cinematic effects and ambient atmospheric visuals.

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Still have the first one, Battlefield 2 made for PC. The maps were so big they had aircraft you fly around in. Then EA focused on the kiddie consoles, maps shrunk to single city block size LOL Not sure about BF1 since the new Kiddie consoles are pretty good now.

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@regulas: Battlefield 1942 was the first Battlefield on PC, the clue is in the number "2" in the title.

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@regulas: Watch out everyone, we have a cool kid in town.

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@regulas: many adults prefer consoles over PC as well just so you know. i would never do my gaming on a PC.

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@tarheelsforever: Many adults also prefer PC over consoles as well, just so you know.

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@csward: i was already well aware of that, but many PC gamers act as if only kids play on consoles. i was offering up some insight.

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@csward: Yes, but people weren't calling the PC a Kiddie computer, they were attacking consoles.

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@regulas: The attackers have summoned a Behemoth Troll.

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@regulas: they still have aircrafts

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@regulas: kiddie consoles LOL