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ps3 rulez!

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why so serious.. this is good

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I have the game and the scarecrow parts are a little freaky.

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THIS IS SO BLOODY DUMB! THIS ISNT FAIR AT ALL! ps3's can have it all in the disk space but if it was on xbox marketplace for free we can download it and use it ffs THINK OF GOOD IDEAS FFS! I WANT JOKER

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you can only play as the joker once in the story never again in any part of the game on 360 game you? :S

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exclusives always screw everything up :(

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just so most of you knwo u can only play as the joker in the challege maps he has no story line

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finally a superhero game that have it all, play as good guy or bad guy with excellent story and game-play! no complains

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Guys.....the reason that PS3 gets to play as the joker because the ps3 can actually handle the extra space and hardware. Just face it ps3 has much better hardware and you can do a lot more with bluray discs rather than HDDVD discs

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This is sweet!

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What about the pc? Is it left out D=.

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I love Joker's little dance at :49-:51 and the way the music is playing with him lol. I wonder if Joker actually kills anyone in the game? At once point it looks like he might snap a guards neck and he also has a gun but Joker doesnt usually kill all that much. Atleast not without some more flair.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> We (PS3) got Joker all to ourselves but it ain't all that bad for you X360's (if it really is that bad for you guys, just enjoy the game), you apparently get future DLC that's not just exclusive to PS3 and/or Xbox 360. Anyway finding more info on this thing, fitting all these "rumors". PSN: kelevra16

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nice touch. i own a 360 so if i wanted to play as the joker, i'd play MKvsDC universe. lol Xbox live is anything but expensive. you pay once for a year and 3 months. that's like 60 bucks i believe. in that time, you could make like 30x more money at work so all you quit using that as a hangup. now if anything, sony should probably put a price on HOME given that noone is buying their system. "noone" referring to the general global population, not the twelve of you fanboys on the boards here. lol besides, 360 has way more features comin in soon than the ps3 and um...well....s**t costs money nowadays. hate to tell ya. for us and for microsoft.

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if it will be a dlc then i hope it will be free

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00:39 lool love the walk people stop your stupidness about all this ps3 got the exclusive and box dont just wait and enjoy the game on which ever you have, so what ps3 got The Joker 00:39 stil love that walk. PSN: Uncle_Rell PeacE

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i wana play in xbox 360

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I doubt this will stay "exclusive" to PS3 for long.

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ok i dont know about every1 every1 has the console that fits them but 360 will cost more than the ps3 ever will and will keep getting bigger im not saying 360 is gay i like certain things but im a ps3 fan i was always a sony guy but i dont have the money 2 pay like 100 buks 4 a years worth of online that time will keep me away from life but with the ps3, i can play whenever without worry but theres a problem I LOVE THE FACT OF PLAYING MUSIC DURING GAMEPLAY!! but yeah i love gears well the fact is i only played it twice but it was AWESOME! but Ive GOT 2 HAVE MY MGS and PLAYSTATION HOME BUT YEAH the creators have to change some stuff with all consoles and add more features Thats my opinion i hope no one takes it the wrong way

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Seriously fluteboy? Thanos...is right...Why should 360 owners have to get less the for the same price, no 1 is whining. you're right in one respect 360 owners get more, but hafta pay more for it...I've spent hundres on my LIVE account...you wish you had Halo and Fable...I wish I had MGS and GOW....Oh btw...PSN IS FREE!!! jackass...so stfu.

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I can't beleive that Mark Hamil (Luke Skywalker) is playing him.

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I've been hearing rumors that it might be a paid download on Xbox marketplace like a month or two after. But don't trust me on that. But Joker DLC or not, this game is going to be amazing.

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It's a download on the PSN, blu ray has nothing to do with it. And it's 8 levels calm down, your right a lot of dlcs you have to pay for but that excludes the fact that the 360 in general has more exclusives then the PS3, do you know how much I'd enjoy having Halo on the PSN? OR Fable? Don't complain about 8 levels when you get a TON of GREAT exclusives on the 360. And you know how you to not sound like a fanboy? Don't post like you just did, just keep it to yourself or go talk it over with other 360 owners. I hate how gamers (mainly 360 but there are quite a few PS3 owners who do it too.) always diss their opponent system. They're both great systems with there strengths and weaknesses. Stop whining about not getting 8 levels, at least the whole game isn't a PS3 exclusive.

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maybe I will get many thumbs down for my comment but i have to say my opinion and DONT COUNT ME AS A FANBOY its not fair for ps3 owners to have the ability to play as Joker.Xbox 360 owners pay the same price and they get less.And dont compare this with the GTA's or Fallout's dlc that are exclusive to the 360 because we pay extra money to get them .That is a problem for someone like me and many other people because there are no ms points in my country. someone said tha exclusive on ps3 because of the blu-ray but thats bu%%S#!T. if the programmers wanted \joker on the 360 they could fit it in a dvd By the way the game looks awesome and I hope Joker will come as a FREE dlc on xbox 360 Sorry for my bad English

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with the extra content on the PS3 thats blueray at work

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Man i would gladly trade a exclusive content on the xbox 360 for that ! lucky PS3 owners but it is the nature of the game and that is fine .(Note to self ask grandma for ps3 next christmas)

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@ Gamelova08 That's it man i couldn't say more, you should wright that on a blog :P Im a ps3 owner, and i still wish i had the chance to play halo, gears of war, fable and the list goes on. In nowadays i think you must buy the console that must suits you. I have a ps3 because im a metal gear, a final fantasy, a grand turismo fan. I wish ps3 was a bit cheaper so more people could have one i have a lot of friends with a 360, and for me its lame ^^ not because they have a 360 but i cannot play with them :( But with this I'm pretty sure this will be for dlc for xbox, if not well I'm sure you wont be that pissed like i am for not playing halo :)

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@TWilliamz: Yeah, you might be right but there was an interview with Sefton Hill that "there are no plans for exclusive content for the 360 version / any other platform". Why only PS3? Like @TaZ-_-1152 said, the blu-ray has more memory capacity and the fact the eidos made agreements with Sony. Also, it was said they had an "iffy" time fitting all the content on to the X360 DVD. Anyway, a little "exclusive contents" here and there shouldn't really hurt. All I own is a PS3, the only thing (for now) that I'm jealous about is X360's comfortable crab controller (and the Marvel Universe Online is exclusive to Microsoft -.-). PS3 wins console war for the future, X360 and Wii wins just now. There was a very interesting blog here somewhere about the Console wars, (just found it: << LINK REMOVED >>) and I agree with him for now, still reading others. Btw, 25 days more left!!! (28 for me, I live in Asia -.-)

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err why is this video in the 360 section then???

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CUZZO314 ps3 has been getting the shaft on almost every multi platform game so quit your complaining.

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my favorite joker video yet

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I wish this was coming out for the PS2. :(

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I don't think it will be exclusive for long. Darth Vader(exclusive to PS3) and Yoda(exclusive to 360) ring a bell to anyone. It'll probably be a DLC for 360 later. These companies won't pass up money.

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i agree with Taz-_-1152

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im pretty sure they make exclusives because developers can do more with the ps3's capabilities and its blu-ray disk games (5 times the memory of xbox's dvd games), and if they only made multiplatform games then wat would be the point of the ps3's Cell processor with 8 cores? because i also think that xbox 360 owners dont wanna have to change disks throughout the game...

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@LuongoRox1 well sorry for bein a fanboy O_O which i really am not i just prefer the 360 i got nothin against PS3 just the matter of fact that PS3 games sux right nao right along with the wii =P but sadly the wii is still selling better XD!!!!! either way i still think its nice to put joker in the PS3 ver. and ur games are coming out nao? idk about that GOW is 2010. wat is MAG is like 2010 2 O_O. Final Fantasy? isnt that like 2012 XD idk about right nao but hey w/e floats ur boat man w/e floats ur boat.......

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Please everyone, these exclusives are going to be the end of the gaming industry. You're all acting like children, I don't own a PS3, but I am glad they are getting some exclusives. To all those saying the PS3 is expensive, so lets tally up what you need for the Xbox's "cheap route": $200 Xbox 360 Arcade $60 HDD $7-$50 xbox live membership And alot of batteries. Oh and also to those "gloating" about the 360's Fallout 3 content, it's coming to the PS3. So shutup and enjoy the reason you're playing the game: fun, not having a "superior console". Edit: Oh and @menace420- way to contradict yourself.

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PC Rules

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Why only PS3?

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im a 360 owner and i gotta say this some bull the main reason i was looking forawd to getting this game is because i thought i could play as the joker its still gonna be an amazing game but its not fair at all and im real disapointed i hope they change their mind and make the joker playable on the 360

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@The Iron Ace i have a ps3 and a 360 but i dont see the point of these exclusives it annoyed me when i only had a ps3. If your going to bring it out on one, bring it out on all of them.

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Am a 360/Wii owner btw. I think if the PS3 gets Joker,that's fine. Am personally against any sort of "console exclusives" whether it's on the 360, PS3, or Wii. I won't bring some excuse to make me feel better, like "well we got GTA IV blah blah blah" or "I don't want to play as the Joker anyway" because..I really do after looking at this. However, that's fine, maybe someday if I get a PS3, I will get to buy that version or something. I also agree with anyone who has said it, yes, it might not be fair to some people but it is GOOD Marketing, some of us got to grow up and deal with it.

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this game is really sounds good but we need to play more the one characters, i know that Batman is really tough and the joker is smart, but how about BANE the big guy and the others, we really need to play with all of them. thank you very much for PS3 fan boys ONLY...

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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X360 fan boys complaining about this uh? I have both so exclusives don't mean much to me. Should have bought your ps3 when circuit city was going out of business maybe then you could afford one.

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I honestly don't see what the big fuss is over the DLC for the PS3. If they were able to get the GTA 4 packs as exclusives, then I think we as PS3 owners should be getting something for ourselves. Now, I also think they could come out with DLC for every console, including PC, but if they don't, the console that gets it should be happy and the ones that don't shouldn't worry.