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WTF?!?! the end of the vid says it comes out on the 25th but every where elce it says 28th. is it different release dates for the US and Europe or something? cos i heard they were releasing the game on the same date everywhere. any help?

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The combat in this game is extremely smooth looking. i just wish it wasent only done with two buttons.

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WOW! I'm getting a PS3 in time to play this!

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@zarko The hand-to-hand combat had 3 buttons in the demo: attack, counter, and stun attack. That portion of the combat could easily become button mashing, but a big part of the game is stealth. This won't be Dynasty Warriors

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it looks awesome but I feel like this will be just 2 button game play. Punch and Counter buttons. I hope that its not but sadlyy it might me.

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batman arkham asylum 1# looks sik

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wow Great game can't wait

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I doubt it will have it but I think a multi player mode where one player plays as Batman & x amount play as inmates would be fun. Kind of like what it was in Splinter Cell a while ago.

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All I have to say is WOW! Looks like this game will be another life swallower :)

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august 25 cant come soon enough!!!!

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finaly a game that looks like it gives you true tactical choice

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batman is awesome, supermans a bender!

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Amazing stuff.

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Now if only a decent one for the Man of Steel.............

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This is more than great. Awesome tactics

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Wow... Just... wow.

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@yodake, the enemies get harder throughout the game, I forget which video but if you played through the demo even you saw the giant mutant. . . thing that comes out at the end. AS you progress the enemies will get more intelligent, more numerous, and much much harder, I bet my copy of the game on it. ;)

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that looked amazing. . . and a little confusing. CANT WAIT!!!

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im downloading the demo at the moment.... looks awesome.

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Was is just me or did anyone else's heart rate increase watching that? I am so excited!!!

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After playing the demo i can say that this game has lived up to the hype. Finally a game that does the Dark Knight justice.

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awesome totally totally ..........awesome

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What are you talking about 'crazy_maniac'!?!? This whole thing was based on gadgets!!

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they even didnt show a gadget in the demo ...

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to the people saying they need more "hardpoints" for grappling too the way the game plays with those few points is incredibly solid, im sure they had more points at one point in development and removed them b/c it made the grappling too cluttered and unnecessarily difficult, think about it for a second, in a quick escape situation its better to have only a few grapple options instead of tons, you would end grappling to the wrong spot and most likely die so less points is probably a good thing

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it looks preaty good... but who knows heheh

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@ sthom, he was being scanned to get into the batcave.

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played the demo...and the fighting was amusing, but this game is just a high tech tenchu....in the 10 minutes of playing the demo I saw the same animation for opening the ventilation tunnels 3 times and was throughly disappointed with that "this is going to get old quick" feeling that crawled over me. Probably best to rent this one guys, it's not going to show you much that you haven't seen already in previous games of similar structure.

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pr-odered it 2 days ago.............. games gonna be sweet.......... i agree wid DamageIncM.... more movement freedom then fixed gargoyles and ledges where u can grapple is needed........ but even with out that kind of freedom this game is gonna be atleast, and i mean atleast 8.5 out of 10.

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Impressive...most impressive.

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I've played the demo and i must say it's better then the batman games before graphics r nice but the AI of the opponents r bad and 2 easy ! Will there be a online player mode?

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That's awesome. i can't wait to buy this game.

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Mark Hamill makes a great Joker!

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I was actually kind of reluctant about this game simply because it was based on a superhero... but after I've downloaded the demo and played it about a dozen times already, my reluctance has seriously been put in the trash. I believe this game is going to be a serious contender for some major awards this year.

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WHICKED! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Very nice. Great demo, Great Gameplay Videos, and Great Story, should mean one of the best Super Hero games ever :D I Cannot Wait.

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another game to add to my trophy collection

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This game is so close yet so far! I can't wait :D.

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teh demo rocks, stealth si great and so are the combat system and the graphics but...... It feels to much like the old comic books. I know that they are classic but I wish this game was more like The Dark Knight. I mean, seriously, the Joker from this game sucks. I have nothing against Mark Hammil, but it was supposed to be a serious game, not a cartoon.

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alriiiiight. the real batman form the comic books, not the movie. (Though the movies were good too.)

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Playing the demo it looks promising. Only I'm afraid it will still be quite limited. I really missed being able to for example climb onto many more things than just some fixed points you can grapple onto. For example, really typically, only Gargoyles mostly and then also some points on structures here and there. While I wish you could kind grapple and climb around more freely than only to fixed points... Take a game like 'Tomb Raider Underworld', really similar game, but lets you climb onto about anywhere more easily. Sure, the parts have been made so you can climb onto them, but not limited to only a couple of points. It's just things like those I'm already quite disappointed about. I don't understand they don't do more than they do, as they can do it quite easily. :)

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Great great great !!! I look forward to it !

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Wow... I know nest to nothing about Batman, other than the first two original movies, and the 2 new ones. This game surprised me, because I heard nothing about it till a few months ago, and all these gadgets are all new news to me, this is one of those few times when I get a huge surprise from no where

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