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This game looks pretty awesome. But Bane looks freaky. >.

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Bane looks great... would be better if he wasn't hooked up to all those machines though

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This game looks truely awesome. I don't like the Harley look, but Bane looks cool. Maybe to me hoses on him, but great anyway.

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look great

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looks freaky

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gamespot said in the E3 preview that they cant wait to play this. now i can see why it does look good

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did the game get delayed?

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Looks amazing, Can't wait!

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They probably should have used Amygdala here, seeing the direction they went with Bane.

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I am completely stoked. I've been itching to play this game since it was announced. Only one more month. ^_^

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i played it at best buy and it rocks im not a fan of fighting games but im gonna pick this up:):):)

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Bane was never quite that Incredible. I am so excited for this game I might die before the release.

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Wow this game looks sick!

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I want I wnat I want this game soooooo much

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OMG i want this game

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sign me up

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Great graphics!!!

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Can't wait until it come out

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I rly hope they stick to the comic bane and not the movie dimwit one

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i agree with marinmt, good stealth action would be a better angle for this game than another title with super hero style standardised button mashin combat mechanics

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i hope they don't make him into just a muscleman without the brains, Bane was awesome when he was smart, he is the only person to break the bat

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I hope it plays as well as it looks maybe a rent first title

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omg this game comes out on the final day of my gcse's :D i seriously thinking of buying it on that day. lol

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I can't believe I'm thinking about buying a Batman game, from Edios! The company now notorious for above average but not great games.

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Bane vs. Hulk. Who would win?

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I hope the stealth gameplay is as deep as the MGS games.

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ohhh yes!!!I played the demo at Gamestop... and I have to say it looks like a must have like fight night round 4. The fighting system is beautiful and so is the graphics.

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MASTERPIECE! But I think it would be harder than Batman Begins...something tells me it would be. Im a girl who loves this games, and Im wishing to buy this one very hard...cause hard is the name!

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Looks great, just hopes it lives up to the hype.

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The voice acting looks like its from a very high quality and the voice of Batman comes from Kevin Conroy. He is known for his voice acting in: - Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1993) - The Adventures of Batman & Robin (1994-1995) - The New Batman Adventures (1997-1999) - Batman Beyond (1999-2001) - Many more.

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omg! i think it IS the voice guy from the 90's ... my fav batman! :) yayyyy. im so gonna play this.

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Logo was cheesy at the end lol....but this game is shaping out to be a big hit. Maybe even better than Wolverine Origins

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Awesome. I like the voice guy for batman, I think he did the voice for the batman animated series show that aired in the 90s.

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must have for me

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Upon entering Arkham Asylum, The Joker greets Batman over a loudspeaker and Batman has no choice but to enter into what can only be Batman: Arkham Asylum features brutal combat, giant sized boss battles and deadly experiments all within the notorious island prison. Batman: Arkham Asylum boasts an original story featuring iconic DC Comics’ characters Batman, The Joker and Killer Croc amongst others - all completely revisioned by WildStorm.

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This game is on my most wanted for 09. It looks awesome!

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It is using the Unreal Engine so yes the graphics and environments are awesome

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this game is looks awesome, cant wait, did they push the release date back

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this game looks amazing graphically speaking, i expect great things

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looks awesome conroys voice is spot on this will be hamill's darkest preformance as the joker if you seen return of the joker then you know that hamill is being allowed to go as dark as he wants to and thats good in my view

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it is good game

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The game begins with Batman capturing the Joker after his latest plot, escorting him to Arkham Asylum for imprisonment where, due to the Joker's recent attack on Gotham's prison, a large number of sane convicts have been transferred. However, the Joker has set a trap for Batman inside the asylum, using Arkham's own defenses against him. Batman must now not only try to escape from the hazards of Arkham, but also recapture the Joker and reveal his true intentions.

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kicks ass, hope they have as many as the enemies as possible to make the game last longer, even if ithey include killer croc and other unrealistic villians looks great

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they have a trailer for Harley quin. im going to post the link on my page if any of your are interested. please message me

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Bane was a badass in batman

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Graphics wise, this game is top notch... Just who else is involved in this game?

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I think I have a miniorgasm..