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I swear I heard 2 sound fx that sounded exactly like mario 64.

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@SirSpoon84 KEEP ON DREAMING!! lol

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stop and swap dose something this time, YA!

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ug, this is ten bux this week, i might get, dunno, if it was five i would for sure

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i agree, im not too sure about this one....the first was was....ok, if you like "cute" platformers like that

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this.. is a bad... low hit for a n64 old player like me.. me feels completely betrayed 8(

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i tried banjo kazooie nuts & bults, it just isn't the same. i don't want to build stuff, i want to play! banjo kazooie is not a racing game, and if i wanted to customize and build, i would want a realistic simulation, like forza motorsport 3, no? i like how rare tried to do something different, but still. gamespot claims that platformers are unpopular now. really? last time i checked, super mario galaxy, braid, new super mario bros. etc., are some of the most popular and highest rated games. if i was a game developer i would make a true sequel. it's just ridiculous how low rare has sunk.

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to Yoda203 its the same game but in HD.

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i NEED to get this on xbox arcade now!!!

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wait is this the same as the N64 version except its for the 360?! If so then this is an instant buy for me.

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wow this game brings back so many memories

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best banjo game ever! definitley one of the best games on the xbox live marketplace. the only thing i wish they'd do is to make more achievment points considering it's a long game.

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the first one was one of my favorite games when it came out on the N64 but after so many year i didnt enjoy it as much on the 360 Arcade i mean it was still fun to play through it again and beating it but it wasnt as memorable. i will still get banjo-tooie, it is supposed to be better then the original but i never played this one.

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same here skullflower, cept i did play it, and, dude, it was better than the original.

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Can't wait for this, got my points ready and waiting. Banjo-Kazooie is still my favourite 3D platformer of all time, and it has aged brilliantly. Never had the pleasure to play the sequel, so certainly looking forward to it. :D

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I still have this for the N64 :D I'm still pissed about that f*cking nuts and bolts game. Completely ruined Banjo's reputation.

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I'm buying this.

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God I love this game. So going to buy it.

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this looks like a fun old skool game

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this was always fun to play. only wish they talked on the game

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This brings back so many old memories.