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looks a very creative game it is a good game,but little big planet looks more better,i like the way you can use creativity to make veichels,and it is a good challenge for little big planet so people can change thier mind and buy an Xbox,but still microsoft did a good job making banjo and koozie alive again after it was a big succes on N64,great job microsoft.

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Doesnt look too bad, ill have to rent/try the demo. Probably wont beat out the orig though :/

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Thank god my mom got me this game, that means i didnt have to

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yea rare in deed its going o 8 years ago the last game they made

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Fair play for trying something new rare!

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Please kill me. Now.

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I did two things when I was a kid: played with Lego and played with my N64. Banjo was one of the coolest, and now both my old passions meet. Gonna get the demo and definately buy if it's good.

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OMG! I hope my mom buys this game for me because if she doesn't, then i'l have to

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omg.. im so sad microsoft bought rareware.. im a big fan of BK serie.. 8(

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Platform games always bring out such an unique impact on gameplay and gaming experience. There haven't been much attention on platformers in the next generation market but now with the introduction of banjo, I'm really looking forward to enchancing that fun unique experience once again, Banjo, hoorah!

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I can't wait for this game to come out I have been a BIG fan of platformers for a long time I was really dissapointed when the new Ratchet and Clank came out for the PS3 only. So to see this game come out on the 360 just tickles me pink, and doctores143 you wouldn't know a platformer if it bit you in the @rs. This game is a definite buy, plus guys if you have been looking for a game that you can play with your girlfriend this is the game, the creativity in this game is genius and I would expect nothing less from Rare. All in all I can't wait to play this game finally a good platformer for the 360 that is not just for kids, I think the older generation who played the original Banjo's will really like this game.

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Looks like a lot of fun. 8)

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AWESOME this looks like classic banjo with littlebigplanet in the mix

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eh be quiet doctores, it is still a platformer, just cuz they got creative your gonna hate on it now?

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They should'nt even call this game banjo. Banjo is a PLATFORMING game! Not a game with gra like missions.

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Looks cool...

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i got the demo but i havent played it yet..i'l prob get it though..

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its sweet their back...but i hope they don't focus TOO much on only the building mechanics...i just want to explore some crazy, gigantic worlds like in the originals!!!

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Im definitly gonna get this game!!! I have the two previous games of the series and so i'm gonna get this one to continue my collection!

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i really liked the demo, wit the creation and all but there are just 2 things i would change about it.First: text needs to be larger!!!second:the sounds they make need to go on longer, they used to mumble the whole time they spoke.the little things count people...for those two reasons i most likely will not buy this game.

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after 10 years in solitude it makes me happy to see these guys come back. At $40 this game gonna be a steal. played the demo last night. LOVED IT!!!!

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This game is a big reason I got an Xbox 360

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Glad to see Rare coming back. I didn't enjoy a good game from them since the N64 days!

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Never thought I'd these guys coming back. Looks cool.

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I really wish Nintendo didn't sell the rights to Microsoft. They would sell a lot still.

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this is gonna take the cake for most fun

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Seems like it's going to be an amazing game. Great graphics, great game-play, as it was in the previous two. Only thing that might be a bit flawed is that there still aren't voice overs. At least not in that game-play demo. Hopefully it lives up to the hype from the other banjo's. Would also be great for Microsoft to bring back Conker's Bad Fur Day.

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This makes me so nostalgic! The music and Banjo's laugh and Kazooie's 'caw' bring me back to the good ol' days. This was my very first video game too, I remember getting this for christmas. I know this is kind of p***y but s**t this almost makes me cry.

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I'm actually looking forward to this! I usually like more mature games like gears of war and halo, but this looks genuinely entertaining!

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i dont know what you people think, but banjo's face looks weird. it looks dumb and innocent in the original game, now its very serious -.- and of course besides from that it looks pretty good :)

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Looks okay. I was worried about RARE for a little while, there. I wonder if Conquer Has a future.

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Sweet, looking forward to it. I got to the end and finished banjo kazooie and always wanted to do tootie but never got round to it and this looks EPIC

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Banjo-Kazooie was a top dog in platforming, iv got no doubts that this will at least be as good as the last 2

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Cant say I like this new build thing they are doing. It kinda looks like they are going a new direction, don't know if I want to see that with Bango and Kazooie. Looks like they are looking for a new generation of younger players rather then the old ones. I mean the old games was all about the cool moves and combos and humor the duel brought.

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I jsut beat the original again too, but I'm really worried about this new one. I love the franchise, but I also felt the same way towards perfect dark, and we all saw how that turned out. I'm gonna hope for the best with this game though. I've been waiting for it for a long time...

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I'm currently playing the original, great game. Hopefully there won't be too much driving on this new one, they shouldn't ruin the basic platforming with too much other stuff. Gonna wait and see how this turns out, I know Rare tries to please the fans of those original games so there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

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I at first assumed this game was going to suck, because I thought all it was going to be was vehicles. But now it seems like it'll be an amazing game. Just like the first two. Just with vehicles.

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Can't Wait, Its Gonna Be The S***! Banjo Kazooie Was the Best... Took me 4 Days to Beat The Last boss in the first Game... Sadly. Hope This Game is As challaging and as Hilarious and Addicting as the First Two. GO MUMBO! And BANJO!

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Damn I like that when he was climbing the lamp post. Cartoon CG on realistic backgrounds really make it pop.

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looks better than I thought it would be The Vehicles may take awhile to get used to and lets hope they don't take out what made the game fun in the first place

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see i can understand if this game was on the wii but on 360, nope can't see it they should had made another CONKER game.

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I disagree shadowlusterx, Banjo will always be a great game, no matter what form. And why do you think Too Human is a flop? Because some big name gamer reviewer says it's average?

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I feel like this is going to be like Too Human, and flop.

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hell yea dis game looks tight at 1st i thought it was gonna be nothing but vehicles but now dat i seen da trailer it seems like da original but with vehicles n we get the 64 version 4 free when we pre-order it im gettin this hell yea!!!!!!!!!

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Hope this pans out. I've been needing some good 3d platforming on the XBox for a while.

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I really hope this game will be good. It looks to me like they're straying from the solid platforming route. C'mon Rare, do us proud!

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this game better be good

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Damn, I can't wait until it comes out! It's gonna be sweet!

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