Baby's Freaky Day Out in Among the Sleep - House of Horrors

Jess and Zorine take on horror through the eyes and tiny frame of a baby. All shadows are monsters and windows can't be trusted

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House of Horrors
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I hope you guys/gals come back for Halloween!

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Hello guys, can you please finish this game? I'm intriguided :) I think you can finish the other too as I think think there si much left of this one.

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Definitely an idea to Finish Outlast first since that is almost done you had probably 20mins left and then continue with this, kill 2 birds with 1 stream so to speak, i just hope Jess will be up to the task :).

This game definitely got a little lackluster after you had left the house, but then really picked up when the Banshee thing showed up.

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Thanks for doing this guys Loved the concept from the first demo stream the world must look Very scary to a kid that size and Jess you weren't freaking out every five seconds like last time, you go girl! Conquer those fears! And Zorine meaning to ask your twitter address is that reference to Harley Division motorcycles?

Oh and by the way LOVE the LA hat!

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Thanks! It's one of my favourite hats.

My nickname, "harli" originates from a name I chose many years ago when I first entered the competitive scene, 'harlequin'. It was eventually shortened to harli.

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@Zorine @Maj_Wood thx

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Ye guys should finish this game next stream or so.

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@sebbysebbseb me too

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Thanks for your feedback, the more people that say it the more we are likely to finish it!

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@Zorine @sebbysebbseb If it picks up again like Jasbro was saying then aye I'd like to see the end. The swamp part was a bit crap tbh but hopefully it ends strong.