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Baby Yoda's Best Moments In The Mandalorian

Now that The Mandalorian Season 1 is over, it's time to spotlight 2019’s instant and unforgettable pop-culture phenomenon: The Child AKA Baby Yoda! Here are all of his most adorable moments from Season 1.

The Child, aka Baby Yoda, has delivered some of our favorite moments from Disney+ series The Mandalorian, and has already cemented his place as one of the most beloved characters in the series and in our hearts. Baby Yoda has also become a pop culture phenomenon in 2019, and has been the subject and star of many adorable memes.

Sadly, we’ll have to wait for our Lone Wolf and Cub-like partnership of Mando and Baby Yoda to return for The Mandalorian Season 2 in Fall 2020.

So In tribute to the tiny, green scene-stealer, here are Baby Yoda’s greatest moments from Season 1 of the live-action Star Wars series.