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At E3, God Of War And The Metal Gear Movie's Directors Sat Down For A Chat

God of War director Cory Barlog joins Jordan Vogt-Roberts on the GameSpot stage to discuss movies, video games, and how to create the perfect cinematic experience.

God of War gained accolades thanks to a refined combat system and a richer, more emotional story about father and son. Kong: Skull Island was a big-budget adaptation of one of film's most iconic characters given a whole new spin. On the GameSpot stage at E3 2018, we saw a meeting of the minds between the visionary directors behind both works, and it's a fusion of art-chats.

In the video above, Cory Barlog and Jordan Vogt-Roberts talk about their mutual admiration for each others' works and story beats that stood out. They bond over crafting cinematic moments that are visually spectacular and viscerally satisfying even when they don't make a lot of physical sense. And they gripe, just a little, about realizing Indiana Jones was totally unnecessary in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

It's an especially enlightening talk given that Vogt-Roberts is currently hard at work on a film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid. He said last year he was reworking the script to give it more in common with the works of Hideo Kojima. We've been assured it's still happening and earlier this year he met with Kojima, but it's still early enough that we have no firm release date. Hearing him talk so frankly, especially with the director of a critically-acclaimed game, gives some insights about how he approaches his own movies. Check it out.