Assassin’s Creed Protagonist Leaks; New Overwatch Hero?! - GS News Roundup

The next Assassin’s Creed protagonist may have just leaked on a promo t-shirt, and Square Enix reveal a brand new upcoming RPG!

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How cringe is this guy. I had to bite my fist and stop watching when he threw himself on the floor. I understand you are probably nervous as hell next to that hot girl but you shouldn't be in front of a camera dude. Ever.

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It's time for the AC games to learn a thing or two from Nintendo. The problem with AC games is that they quickly become repetitive. It's very hard to be excited when you've chased your 20th person or air assassinated villain no.400.

The worlds need to be more fleshed out so that you have things to do besides the main mission. Fun things! That does not mean collecting flags or chasing songs.

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Last AC I played was Black Flag and the DLC. After that I was burnt out by the repetitiveness. Story was good but man, too many repeat objectives. Haven't played another AC since and at this point I'll likely just YouTube the cut scenes to catch up on the story.

Add a shake and burger to those fries Dan XD