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I can't believe it best assassin's creed has ever made thank you Ubisoft can't wait

to play in this environment and with this graphic

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i miss the open world feel of AC2. but this looks awesome still!

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I heard in this game we find out Ezio was Henry Rollins this whole time.

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I like how it isn't so obvious where to free run any more. Getting rid of the white cloths everywhere & adding fog has certainly helped.

What of the actual combat though? He said that enemies are harder but we didn't get to see Kenway go into open conflict - other than when he killed four soldiers in a couple of seconds with the pistols, which certainly doesn't illustrate his point.

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I was impressed with the seamless progression through the different environments.

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Don't tease a lion with a steak, it causes problems.

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GOD DAMNIT UBISOFT!!!!!!!!!!! I was done with AC after the lackluster AC3. But this ... this game... your outdoing yourselves AGAIN!!! **** YOU THEN I'll just buy it... god damnit

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Where are the holsters for his guns? They're just floating on his body.

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@ADPowers they didnt add any this time around. Although during this time some guys would just wear something like a clip to just clip their guns onto themselves. Or they just didnt give a damn and focused on the game being fun. Or they just haven't added them in since its just a small detail.

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Looks fun and interesting. But is it fun enough? I guess we'll know when we play it