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Chris stands in for Shaun and barrages Kevin with your questions about Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag on this weeks Ask GameSpot.

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well AC 3 was full of glitches and was scripted and the game didn't have much content

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As Much as I enjoyed AC1 and AC2 (saga), AC3 was just a big disappointment, AC4 looks bland. They should've gone with a new character unrelated to AC3 characters. That instantly puts me off.

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@erMonezza Criticizing a game that you haven't played or even watched a walkthrough, is a sign for you to get a new hobby.

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Looks pretty underwhelming. :(

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Chris seems like a pretty cool guy when he isn't reviewing Spec Ops: The Line.

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why the heck ppl want more and more ship play time on next ac, yeah dont get me wrong i like the ship experience, but the main thing why i like ac and im a fan of it is because of the all hidden "gadgets", stealth killing, "parkour" experience, etc, etc, etc. please dont try to change the essence of a game just cuz u guys get a good feedback with the ships experiment. just my opinion, long live the Assassin's

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@C0nv3rsE_VIP completley agree. Ship battle is cool but nowhere near so much I'd want a full game of it

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@C0nv3rsE_VIP But you're still gonna be able to do all that. Let's just hope that Ubi learned their lesson from AC3

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@C0nv3rsE_VIP 100% agree with you. The ship combat might be fun. But it's still a gimmick to the franchise.

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@4le_breVVer @C0nv3rsE_VIP It was a gimmick in AC III. Its no longer a gimmick. The Jackdaw is the second main character in the game.

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In AC4, are gonna have more reasons to get out of the animus? Cause in AC1, you only had to exit to sleep, in AC2 you couldn't and you only exited when the story told you to, in ACB you could exit when you wanted to, but you had NOTHING to do outside, in ACR you only got out at the end of the game in a cutscene and the only times where you HAD to get out of the animus in AC3 was to get those things to unlock more rooms in the cave. So I ask you, in AC4 will we have any reason to get out to do something that's not story related?

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I find there is a serious lack of nautical puns in this video.

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More puns needed.

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gamespot has some good show I never knew about.. been missing out.

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Chris and VanOrd are my favorite editors.

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40% of the game will be epic! While 60% will be great!

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No online "Shit Battles"? 00:46

Damn I was looking forward to playing some Battleshits.

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You sunk my Battleshit!

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ACIV keeps getting better everytime I see it

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The soundtrack was my favorite thing about AC3. Sucks that Lorne Balfe isn't coming back.

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I am sure the game will be great. Assassin's Creed III was not that bad, but it really desapointed a lot of fans. The world and graphics are similar to the very good Far Cry 3.

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@Subaru1980 Get your thoughts together.

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at 01:13

He wasn't even wearing a watch on that wrist. LOL! :D

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@justcool2 LOL! shut the f*ck up, sherlock.

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@GOGOGOGURT @justcool2 Technically, I was typing. Oh, and btw, I'm sure you noticed. :)

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There's not enough good pirate games out there.

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@Tribesmaster Agreed.

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AC3 missed out on online naval battles, now AC4 avoids them as well where it's the most opportune time to add them in! Does anyone remember splitscreen pirate battles in Sly 3: Honor among Thieves on PS2? They worked out pretty well! AC4 should expand on that concept!

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Its all fine and dandy with this... after all, you cant go wrong with a pirate game... :P

But what about some love for Shadowrun Returns? When is your review of that coming up, Kevin?

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I am looking forward to this game but I think they may have noticed how everyone is asking for naval multiplayer that they are saving it for DLC at a later date after conveniently not being able to get it working how they want it.

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@eddieham13 honestly that'd be one dlc i'd be cool with.

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Really like this format, good job guys!

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People who are complaining about ship battles can go play Sid Meier's Pirates. ;)

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@Dirk_McHardpeck I played sooooo much Sid Meier's Pirates GOLD! for the Sega Genesis back in the day. My enjoyment of that game is the main reason I'm interested in ACIV.

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@Chris_Watters @Dirk_McHardpeck Did you ever play the 2004 remake? It's awesome! I still pull it out play with it on occasion.

Wait...did that last sentence sound wrong to anyone except me?

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@Chris_Watters @Dirk_McHardpeck I've been there

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@Dirk_McHardpeck I did, but for some reason, I didn't get into it. I think my clouds of nostalgia may have obstructed my ability to appreciate it on its own merits.

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That was fun, the opposite personalities, Kevin sure disliked the harmless silliness for better immersion.

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I just hate the fact you can't go back hiding once you're spotted...

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@Gamer_4_Fun This is not a stealth game. AC was never a stealth game.

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@GOGOGOGURT @Gamer_4_Fun Except the stupid insta-fail sections, and all those parts where you were required/expected to hide in crowds to get past guards or tail people, or sneak over roofs to assassinate someone who would usually escape if they spotted you.

The series puts quite a large emphasis on stealth, it just doesn't do it very well.

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@GOGOGOGURT You can't box in a game like that. A assassin who don't use stealth is just bonkers.

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@Gamer_4_Fun @GOGOGOGURT Except in this universe the Assassins are a group, yes they are also actual assassins but their work does not imply stealth. Besides it is not always necessary. Just like how the Templars aren't Christian.

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@Gamer_4_Fun Agreed! Just look at TLoU! You can run away and hide; there's no annoying sections where getting spotted equals game over.

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Letting Jesper Kyd go was a death sentence. Music was the soul of AC, and since AC3 it is missing.

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Kevin should run Gamespot...yes...just him.

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Kevin looks like he wants to kill him.

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Why so much exposure of this game at Gamespot? Paid a lot of ads?

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@Blue_Tomato Believe it or not, lots of people wanna know about this game.