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i cant wait but i have a bad feeling about the try hards...

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@ amir-tachi I like Altair just cuz he is so damn good of a character as well as damn good of an assassin and so is abt Ezio. Not cuz he is an Arab or he is an Italian.

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Sweet I'm getting this sooo soon looks awesome

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first i'm gonna buy medal of honor because of the sniper thing then black ops for the cool movees and then master ezio! who is every one's hero! i think ubisoft did a great job making ezio he is much more better than altiar why i don't know but he is much more coller than an arab!

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cannot wait for this game hope i make the beta

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Nah...this video didn't help at all. They could've kept this one. I'm still planning on buying though.

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LoL funny norton add!!!

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Big fan of the games but this doesn't show enough of the multiplayer for me to be impressed. Based on the vid it could just as easily suck as kick-a**.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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wow looks crazy

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Looks pretty awesome to me! Of course, I don't think I'm quite willing to shell out $60 for it if they go with a full game price. Too much money for a mere extension.

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Mosamania was right, it's just an extender to the trilogy, which could be good since it will allow the developers to work out kinks and practice with the polish and mechanics before the finale. The part I question is whether it should be considered a full game or not. In my opinion it seems like half a game or expansion to the second one and should be treated as such. On another note, Brotherhood looks like it is fixing some of the shallow/linear storytelling and gameplay mechanics that made #2 fall short of the original. Perhaps developers are learning that theatrics should be left to movies and plays; guess we'll see soon.

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i dont know

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I have been little reserved about this multiplayer game, but i'm getting warm when I see these videos ;)

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wait , do you have to pre-order to get the beta???

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it looks like its going to be great

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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this game will be the "please wait till we are done with the real project" kinda game. Like ODST and Reach and also like Bioshock2 and Infinte.. The game im really looking forward to is AC3....i hope in american revoloution time *crosses fingers*

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ahh they killed her in the end. she was so hot. lol

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@TheVGamer Yeah I meant for sandbox games... So many have the potential for an amazing multiplayer but never develop one...Just Cause, Crackdown etc. Its nice to see that someone said "Hey this game would rock if friends could paly together as assassins"

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the characters look funny/weird because they are in the Renaissance era...they are blending into the culture of that time. the priest makes sense because most ppl in that time went to confession in this area of the world (since it is the home of the Catholic church)..and what better way to kill a target then when they are confessing? For the others...masks were used for two things...dances and for doctors to hide from the plague. People believed in what the doctors gave them...even if it would kill them faster. So for me...the character models fit the era...and that is what they are going after.

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looks a bit repetitive

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This feels like uncharted without guns

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I'm not loving the multiplayer characters, but they got to differentiate themselves so its not a bad choice (but don't expect them to look like Ezio there Templars not Assassins)

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Im so getting this.. i hope there will be a co-op mode as well

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I can see A LOT of my time on this game

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@kyleweeeeeeeeee What are you talking about? It's natural for a game to have a multiplayer (these days anyway), they would have balls if they didn't make a multiplayer. But yes it is one of the best series ever.

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If you havn't played Assassin's Creed, your in for an awesome surprise! Loved the second one...and the best decision developers could have made was to have the balls to attempt a multiplayer! (Other developers should take note) CANT WAIT!

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Multiplayer for assassin's creed? how?

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@JESSEAARON100 you need to beat the 1st 2 games before you play this 1ns story mode

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Somebody knows the title of this song?

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they look really retarded

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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gameplay looks cool but why do the characters have to look retarded

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Actual gameplay plz not this pre rendered crap! If it didnt have Multiplayer in the title anyone would have thought it was just a Single player trailer! games trailers are bloody horrendous these days!

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Ezio had his own way of dressing wouldnt make any sense if they was all in the same look fashion cause ppl would figure they are a assassin gang colors or dress style lol

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Also, in the cinematic trailer, the ones aside ezio were real assasins.

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looks great but the characters are awful, i mean, arent they supossed to be members of the brotherhood? Like with assasins costumes like altair or ezio, i dont imagine a priest going on roofs and killing people

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This is going to be the best assassins creed game ever!!!!!!

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It's gonna be damn awesome o.0

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I reckon I'd be too scared to try multiplayer!

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it looks awesome i neeeeeeeed it

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none of Gamespot's video rum smoothly

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@Black_Adder_ i think everyone here would agree tht the first AC was quite awful but if u havent even tried the second one then u have no idea. Even if the third one is only just as good as AC2 I wont hesitate to buy it.

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@Black_Adder_ your saying the 3rd will suck but you only played the first one and havent even seen or looked at the AC2 AC2 was good so really your stupid for judge the 3rd game based on the first

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I played the first one - it was so awfully boring and easy that I didn't even tried to look at the 2nd ones trailers, not to mention buying the game. Now friend of mine told me that the multiplayer on next one looks awesome...I watched the trailer and now am wondering if AC was the only contestant for the "best multiplayer award" or what?!?!? I'm sorry to say that - but people really are stupid. At least those who really do believe that the next one will be even better (same as with MW franchise - the game has long ago been destroyed).

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I am new to the series.Nice multiplayer mode. I may pick this up when it's releases