Assassin's Creed: The Story So Far In 2 Minutes

Plug into the animus with us as Lucy runs through the whole of Assassin's Creed, from crusade capers to shanking shenanigans.

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One of the finest brief.

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Finally, someone that can replace Jane ...

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Oh and why 2 minutes?

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It will be really interesting to see how you would fit in two games of this year for the 2 minutes of next year's AC: The Phoenix Project.

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You forgot the bit about ezio having the apple in assassins creed brotherhood then forgetting it existed in assassins creed revelations only to find it locked in a vault with altair since his death... also i have only just finished ACR I did not know ezio was dead... I am happy ezio is dead xD

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It's crazy how much more intellectual someone sounds when they use an English accent.

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The downfall of the Assassin's Creed story in 2 minutes

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Great show.

Now I can run around on rooftops stabbing people with peace of mind.

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So far she's covered my two least favorite game series :/

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Nit-picky criticisms are a love buster.

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I have not had a change to play the series but love the story line. Thank you for sharing.

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OMG, Lucy James is so cute!

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Thanks for the recap. I have recently beaten every game in the past year (thanks steam sales!) and somehow I still didn't understand everything. I would say I'm looking forward to playing Assassin's Creed Unity but since I don't have a computer from the future looks like I will have to wait a bit.

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Nice bit but why with the Desmond hate... Some of us like the modern day story.

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This British chick is sexy as hell.

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The only Assassins Creed game that I have ever played has been Black Flag which has been on my PS4 so all of this was pretty much new to me. Still, non-the-less this was interesting as I had no idea how deep the story went.

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Such an amazing lip animation she has!

Imagine what she could say in a 5min recap!

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nice! too bad that AC3 dropped the ball on the 2012 event arc and opt for cashcowing the franchise.

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Not bad woman, i think if you stick to these story connected sequels then you should be able to nail it all the time, keep it up!

Just don't try games with a non-connected story in it's sequels, cause then that 2 minute limitation will start to haunt you.

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@4kgamer_lmxxx Hah, yes. Last week's COD video was a tricky one - three separate universes!

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Thanks a lot Lucy for these awesome videos! I had totally forgotten about the Juno stuff.

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Damn i just got slapped with some knowledge ..

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@dragonninja23 but sadly no custard pies this week (still trying to get it out of the carpet)

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Lucy thanks for this delicious sandwich I've been hungry for days its because the other gaming website don't feed me very well hahaha. But seriously u did an awesome job.

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@dragonninja23 The Masterchef of games media, I'll take that

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@mixedbizness @dragonninja23 now we'll just expect a far fetched food analogy every episode, or else we'll starve D: and you wouldn't want that, would you?


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I don't know if any of you will agree with me on this, but the moment Ezio left the Creed was the moment I lost my interest in the series (for the most part). There was this feeling of finality in Revelations that hasn't quite left me yet. I dunno, maybe it was the fact that I had been following Ezio's story for so long or the fact that he was actually a well made, fleshed out character with an amazing voice actor.

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@rajsaha Didn't care much for Altair until Revelations when he was an actual person instead of a mindless drone. Edwward was all sorts of awesome but his arc and personality was far more pirate than assassin. Connor's arc was meh,most of the game, i think he could have been more interesting, Liked Ezio more than all of them and like you say it's great we got to play most of his life. even the end of his life if you watched Embers. who knows how much better the other characters would be if they got the same attention. i think i can keep playing indefinately. ahem if it makes sense of course, Ubisoft.

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I'd love a 6 part in two minutes on Metal Gear

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something that always gets me thinking in these games.... some of these henchmen type guys are probably just good guys, just doing their job, ignorant of all these conspiracy goings on. Here you come along... BOOM assassinate them... because you don't want them to get in your way later when usually they only try to stop you after they see you kill someone. Doesn't seem to make these assassins look like good guys. just something I wonder about from time to time

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@mtm2490 no such thing as right and wrong though i mean the templars are the good guys in their mind why the assassins go around stabbing every c**t for chaos. tbf the chaps theys kill would die anyway don't see as it makes a difference as to how and when. that might have seemed a bit morbid but it's actually quite a liberating view

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the abstergo conspiracy, the templars, the assassins, no matter how far fetched were grounded in reality.

the first civilization turned the game into a total sci-fi, nothing-you-can-relate-to story about superhuman beings and magical apples.

so basically Steve Jobs, now that i think about it

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I always preferred beautiful women to sexy ones and she nailed it. She is a classy dame almost equal to Princess Kate.

Ahem that stated, interesting story and I am a Catholic =) Though Liberation is still my fav Ass game. Maybe if they made one form Feudal Japan....

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I wanna see you do a 2 minute summary on Metal Gear XD

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@perfect_player1 I honestly have NO idea how I'd do that. But I'll give it a shot!

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easy peasy.

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@mixedbizness @perfect_player1 Okay now that would be a challenge!

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I never played an AC game before, but I thought it was about fighting the Illuminati plot to control aliens made by the Reptilian Overlords by wearing 2cool4school hoods and 3edgy5me ancient Chinese and a little bit Japanese martial arts. After watching the video, I was glad I was right!

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Haha I just noticed that you were wearing a fleetwood mac shirt, I know the old guitar player, Jeremy Spencer. He lived near my house in brazil for the longest time. My parents were good friends with him and his (then) wife. My oldest sister worked with him for a long time.

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The whole Abstergo thing is ridiculous. It actually detracts from the game and pulls you out of the immersion in my opinion. I hated that stuff popping up when I was playing Black Flag. Other than that I really enjoyed the game.

Course it's the only AC game I've played. I bought it for the pirate theme. This summary told me enough to know I was right about Abstergo.

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I preferred the conspiracy style narrative of the earlier games. The first civilisation backstory was just... hammy.

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So next week, World of Warcraft?

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Man I am so glad I never cared about the "story" behind AC. It is one of the most convoluted, nonsensical, contrived back stories I have ever heard, and I have played a lot of games.They should have never tried the modern side of the story and just made it a "historical" game.

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fleetwood mac shirt. she's british alright :P

as for the story... eeehhh... i try my best to pretend all the present day stuff and conspiracy theories and paranormal superhumans doesn't exist.

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The "Seperating the chaff from the wheat" line reminded me a bit of Malcolm McDowell in Wing Commander 4.

For reference :D

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Nice job Lucy; first video I see of you. I'll keep an eye out.

Thanks for the's just not doable to keep replaying every previous game every year when a new AC comes out...

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i like this show good job lucy

that said, i lost all interest in AC about 2 hours into AC3 and have not revisited any of them since. now i can say if it was all that Abstergo entertainment stuff or if i just got burned out by sequels being churned out every year...

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@suppaphly42 Oh yeah the lead into AC3 felt like it took forever! I just remember feeling like I played for hours to finally get to the "open world" part. I remember feeling like I just wanted to rush through and get to the good stuff. About 2/3 the way through the game I gave up on that idea. Just felt like tons of load times and fetch quests. So much running back and forth for nothing.

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im loving this game on my xbox one..and have you all tried the companion app i have seen yet..hands down

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@n3rdy909 I've not even tried Unity yet! Soooon

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