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Kevin VanOrd swashbuckles his way though some Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

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Can't wait for this! Look like everything ACIII should've been.

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This game is such a disappointment....

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@Sun-Tzu-GE why?

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@pozium Story sucks,combat doesn't feel as good as it used to,very little modern day sequences and Edward isn't even a fucking assassin for god sake !!! But the thing which mostly made the whole experience unenjoyable for me is that damn piece of shit pirate ship.I just want to go ahead with the damn story and not torture myself doing boring side quests and looking for materials to upgrade my ship.They force you to upgrade your ship otherwise you can't progress in the main story because you die instantly once you reach a certain point.Maybe other people like to spend 50 hours doing boring stuff in a game but not me.I just want to enjoy the fucking story and move on to new game after that.But noooooooooooooo.They just have to force you to do tedious and boring shit.I don't care much for sailing either,and this game is 60% sailing. If I could describe this game in one word,that word would be FRUSTRATING.

I honestly gave up on the game.I don't even know if I'm ever coming back to it.Probably not...A game is supposed to be enjoyable,not make you pull out your hair.And side quests are supposed to be OPTIONAL.

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@python1026 @Sun-Tzu-GE AC 2 was open world as well and I never felt like I was forced to do anything or wasted time.

Of course I respect your opinion.There's nothing wrong with loving to explore and do side quests.I'm just not into that personally.

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@Sun-Tzu-GE @python1026 Okay I will rephrase that. You dont need to upgrade your ship THAT MUCH, I think that is a better way of saying it. Look, Im not hating your opinion nor am I saying youre bad at the game. But I, as everyone else in the world, have a different opinion so I questioned your opinion, but I do respect your opinion though. The thing Im wondering about, is why you played an open world game since as you just said you dont like wasting time. An open-world game is supposed to keep you immersed for a long time and yes most miscellaneous is repetitive but Im talking about the one-time side quests. The story is subjective but in my opinion I find it quite interesting, but this game focuses on exploration which, as a matter of fact, wastes time. If you want to play games for just story I would recommend the more linear games.

But again, Im sorry if I offended you, I just wanted to point out my side on things and I hope you respect my opinion as I respect yours:)

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@chieflion @Sun-Tzu-GE @python1026 Shut the hell up sheep !

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@Sun-Tzu-GE @python1026 Dont come here to bitch sun tzu mcgoo

cry to your momma beetchhh ass creed kicks asss

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@python1026 @Sun-Tzu-GE If I don't need to upgrade my ship how come I die so quickly after a few hits ? I guess it's not for me.You know who would probably love this game?The people who expect to get 1 million hours of gameplay when they spend 60$ not matter how boring,repetitive and pointless that gameplay is.Every mission that isn't part of the main story is boring to me because I value my time and if I were to waste my time playing a game I at least want to be entertained.I don't want to feel like I'm working,which is how I feel when I play assassin's creed 4.Yeah,seriously.

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@Sun-Tzu-GE Its 40% sailing, besides they made it like that to explore the world ,its OPEN-WORLD for Christ's sake. And you dont NEED to upgrade your ship its just if you want(though they could dumb down the difficulty) and you found the assassin bureau missions boring? To each his own but seriously?

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@valium88 @Sun-Tzu-GE Already traded in the game today.

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@Sun-Tzu-GE why dont you tell us how you really feel?

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You know the longer they keep you in the game, the more likely you are to buy the hordes of DLC.

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Hm, well he didn't review it, but this is good enough. It's still hard for me to get excited for this game for more than one reason, there are really only a few, but I think when it comes to PS4, I'll pick this up. It does look alright (in a good way). It's just, not only do they keep putting out Assassin's Creed games, but to me personally, Assassin's Creed 3 was a huge, huge disappointment.

With Assassin's Creed 3 being quite mediocre in my opinion, it's as I said, hard to get excited for this, but we'll see. The first AC has many great qualities to it, but overall is just 'good' to me, while the Ezio trilogy spans from superb, to really great, making it one of my favorite trilogies of this generation, and is what has me interested in Assassin's Creed still.

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So few comments since the new site went up. Well for some stuff anyway, the PS4 / Xbox One resolution arguments are approaching 3500 comments :).

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A good now playing, thanks for the cast, take care guys, I hope see you for the extra life marathon...