Ask the Experts: Xbox One and PS4 Streaming Functionality

Streaming your games is one of the coolest new features of the new generation. Curious about what each console has to offer for sharing your best moments? We take a detailed look into the streaming capabilities of the recently released consoles.

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I wish they at least had same the (and a bit more) features than the PS3 and Xbox 360 had.

There is no reason they couldnt do this from launch. They just want your money!

I hope they add these features soon in a patch.

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why they do this because they want you buy there products that way they make more money

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at least xbox one will do it. look forward to getting my one

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I hope the PS4 has some sort of patch coming to fix some of the sharing features. Notably, the PS4 has a lot of issues when trying to upload the last 15 minutes of footage. A lot of times, maybe even the majority of the times, it won't save the 15 minutes prior to your pressing of the button (i.e. right after you do something awesome). Instead, it'll take a seemingly random previous 15 minutes and save that.. Which doesn't help a whole lot.

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@unfreak-believ That happens to me, but only right after I keep mashing the share button. It seems, if you upload footage and then trim it, the system is still trying to process it for a little while so if you try to upload footage shortly after that, it won't work. For Instance, I was trying to record Knack's Dancing at the end when they roll the credits and it showed the prior uploaded gameplay instead. That kinda sucks a bit, I admit, but not too much because I usually upload screenshots - did 25 screenshots today. I CAN'T BELIEVE THE XBOX CAN'T UPLOAD SCREENSHOTS!! I love sending messages to my friends with my cool unique ps4 screenshots attached :) Add me on PSN: "NateIsGod4"

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Wow, what a waste of three minutes.

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@Brad you should be banned for typing shit

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@Luis... Wow your English is shit dude

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@El_Giucu how dare you! He might be learning the language.

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What streaming function neither console can do it right now!!!!!!

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Ps4 can do both twitch and ustream

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Ask the "Experts"

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I didn't know about the XB1 achievement recording. thats pretty cool. It would make for some really useful achievement walkthroughs.

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@Urizen5 its a function in the video game, not the console.

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I like how the name tags move with the presenters, I wonder if they do it manually?

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@meedokicky I'm pretty sure they don't. I know some video editing software can do that. Text can track movement

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@hammoud @meedokicky that is pretty neat, thanks for replying.

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I didn't know you could customize the share button's behaviour, cool.

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@hystavito Me too, I have to find the "Share Settings." Where is it?

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unfortunately there is no archiving of PS4 streams via twitch yet.... this will hopefully be added soon.

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Does the PS4 record party chat in it's recordings? or even game chat?

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@hammoud I've been saving videos on PS4 while in a party chat, and for that it only saves your voice. It's unfortunate, as it ultimately just sounds like you're talking to yourself. As for talking in game chat, I really don't know. I really only play Battlefield with friends, and with the frequent crashes it isn't worthwhile to use game chat.

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@hammoud Actually, I'm watching a video that I uploaded and game chat may be included. There's an annoying bug on PS4 and/or BF4 where you can hear people in game chat despite being in party chat, and in the video I can hear someone else speak for a second. So I'm assuming if you had a group talking in game chat, it would go through fine.

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@unfreak-believ @hammoud Thanks for the info. I don't think that's a bug though. I think party chat and game chat are separate and being in party chat doesn't disable game chat, just like using TeamSpeak on PC.

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@hammoud Yea I really wish they told us that. Would be nice to know.

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So - how do we send suggestions for questions? Where do we get to know about the next topic apart from subscribing, which I assume only tells when a new episode is available? (I don't know where to find this.)

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more like "ask the asshats"

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man Chris is so hilarious!

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PS4 and XB1 features....coming soon.

I like these two guys. They are both realistic about expectations.

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MISLEADING TITLE! It's called broadcasting, NOT streaming. I was expecting to see mention of Gaikai etc. But why mention useful stuff when you can talk about social crap, right? Well, screw you.

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@Prequell someone needs a hug

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@Prequell Wow. I hope your day gets better, man.