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The backflipping cat is the only reason i'm buying this game, true story :)!

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Hey guys, a story wise question, please just answer with a yes or no: Will we get a reference, appearance or in anyway information on what's happening with Raiden's family, ergo Rose and John?

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This is essentially Ninja Gaiden with robots...

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are the graphic is better than MGS4 ??

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The La lilulelo ? O.O WT!!!!!

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Can't wait till Hideo does a Metal Gear(nes) remake with the MGS Ground Zeroes Engine. Would love to play as a young Snake in HD.

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MGS 1,2, 3, and 4 had alot of action if you chose to play guns blazing insead of stealth. THougg guns blazing in MGS1 and 2, and 3 got you killed quick....MGS4 you could go rambo anytime.

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the level design looks flat and has no life... not Kojima style. but im gonna buy it anyways cause i want to get away in the FPS world...

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Can't wait for the game to come out, will there be a sexy female companion?

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Advice: get someone with a sense of humour. the other guy seems to feel so awkward for that lame dude

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the game reminds me of Devil May Cry so i most likely wont be getting it. But funny ending though lol

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this kind of new action combat gameplay reminds me of dmc....

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can u use guns?

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Do people not understand this isn't a Metel Gear Solid game? It's a Metal Gear game within the same universe, but it's not the same stealth, third-person shooter everyone has been crying about...and why whine so much when Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes is coming out with more games to follow. Good lord do people stop to think?

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This game is going to suck big time. Take away stealth from the Metal gear series you have a shallow game that does not deserve the title of Metal gear. It's going to be vanquish all over again but with a sword.

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@CaptainKrunch10 Wth are you talking about? Vanquish was actually an awesome game.

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@CaptainKrunch10 Vanquish is an awesome game, so it can`t suck, but just ROCK!!!

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@CaptainKrunch10 wont suck, it just wont be what you ecpect from a typical MGS game. I think the combat will be a similar experience to Devil May Cry with MGS4 like visuals.

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@garysingh34 You just killed this game for me. DMC sucks ever since DMC3

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How many Weapons are we going to use?

and do you think it's lasting appeal game ?

I mean like are we going to get bored of it so quick ?


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This Raiden chick looks bad-ass.

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@tipsyfreelancer Raiden is a dude...that looks like a lady. LOL, pun intended.

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can you tell us in witch part of the game were gonna switch characters and play with solid snake ???

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can you tell us in witch part of the game were gonna switch characters and play with solid snake ???

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will there be a new METAL GEAR in this game???


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@Hugoboss0889 i hear there will be, i heard about it a few months back. They had an image of a younger snake like you get in MGS 2/3. The outfit looks more modern from like MGS2. However, this could have just been made up so for all we know, it might not be. Finger crossed though because MGS is a good game :D

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umm i wasnt talking about MGS or Snake lol

im asking if there will be a METAL GEAR, you know the nuclear equiped walking battle tank that we have always fought in Metal Gear games

in the end of the Metal Gear Rising trailer there seems to be a large robot/creature towering over Raiden, i hope it is a MG

i seriously doubt Snake would be in this game, maybe theylll hint at his existence but who knows :)

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I hate the parry system on this game... Block and attack should not be the same button

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The guy on the left is so fucking annoying.

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@kente10 That's an understatement. I guess he's trying to be funny. Shouldn't really criticize. I don't know how 'cool' I'd look reading questions off of paper.

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@tthreat23 @kente10

Hahaha well then he should just stop trying to be funny because from here on out, I can no longer take anything he says seriously. Yet another person on Gamespot Staff who sucks.

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@kente10 you r annoying now go back to zelda kid

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@Albaficas Haha I really hope this is a joke, my friend.

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damn i thought the story would take place between mgs2 and mgs4, to see what happened to raiden, fill a couple of missing story pieces, maybe have a mission with big boss (which as far as i remember he had somewhere along the storyline). so at the end of mgs4 raiden gets rid of the cyporg parts and in rising he is putting them on again? i dont expect a mgs game anyway and i will give this a chance but some news are not good news for mgs fans...

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@RO-nIn187 He doesn't lose his cyborg parts at the end of MGS4. He just changes them to look more human. You can still see the bolts and joints.

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@RO-nIn187 Actually it's a spinoff to a new series, and it's not canon.

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@PaulJanson @RO-nIn187 It is canon.

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@TohouAsura @H4num4n @RO-nIn187 How in the hell can you say MGS4 ended the franchise when GROUND ZEROES and MGS5 is in the works!? So slow your role then shut your hole!

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@H4num4n @PaulJanson @RO-nIn187 It's not, MGS4 ended the franchise, LET IT FUCKING GO ALREADY.

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@H4num4n @RO-nIn187 The previous version which was suppose to take place between MGS2 & MGS4 was gonna be canon, but this one takes place 10 years after MGS4 AND IT'S NOT CANON. Kojima said it himself at the Q&A.

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if likes MGSR hit the like button now ... !!!

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Im so glad theyve made an Askgs for this game ^^

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why gamespot is listing pc as a platform for this game? I could find no info that the devs have confirmed a pc release

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I don't have too much confidence in this. Looks like Devil May Cry all over again.

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I just want to know if Raiden will do cartwheels like he did before or what that another character?

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hey also will konami go any farther back, like before mgs3, also will anything else be made for psp or for vita? also I'm way way confused about the storyline so far, i mean i read a book about the story throughout the games, i read an iphone app and i still dont get it i and played mgs3, peace walker, portable ops, mgs1 and mgs2

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goin full stealth on this one

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@Soldier235689 totally.

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