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makes no sense, i agree with below, this game is great fun, atleast a 7.5

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I don't get the hate for this game, myself. A buddy of mine's in the Army, been to Iraq three times and yet he recommended this game to me and we blazed through it for some good times together. I mean, I understand it touches upon issues like 9/11, terrorists and other things... but it doesn't blatantly come out saying its a 9/11 simulator or something. Either way, great game, fun gameplay, Aggro system was genius and over all it looked/ran great. Hopefully The 40th Day is more tactful, I suppose, with flowers or something... since GameSpot is full of such sensitive gamers.

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EA dont have class in this ubisoft rule

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this the best action game that i have seen in my life

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Game looks really good,but a 6.5 doesn't !

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thinkin of buying it not fo sure yet

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that was awesome

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that game is mine

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amazing trailer....love it