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Armored Core 6 Will Not Have Soulsborne Gameplay | GameSpot News

A bunch of Armored Core 6 gameplay details, Returnal's PC port requires a beefy rig, and Mr. Beast is giving 1 million dollars away via fortnite.

It’s only been a few days since Armored Core 6’s reveal at the Game Awards, but we already have a ton of new information about the game thanks to an interview with From Software’s Hidetaka Miyazaki at IGN.

The core of the game (see what I did there) will be focused on single player, which is a departure from previous entries in the series that heavily featured multiplayer, all though multiplayer will be a part of the game.The highlight of the game will also be its boss battles, akin to every other From Software title of the last decade.

The core (I did it again) gameplay, however, will decidedly not be like other, recent From Software games. “No, we've not been making a conscious effort to try to direct it towards more Soulsborne type gameplay. First of all, let me just make that clear,” Miyazaki says in the interview.

Miyazaki then enforced how important customizing the mechs is going to be, stating that you will be able to change out individual parts, and that the system will be way more involved and detailed than simply swapping out armor sets like in Dark Souls or Elden Ring. The key to winning, he states, will be fine tuning your mech for whatever task at hand.

The last major tidbits of the interview are that the game will be mission focused rather than an open world a la Elden Ring, and that from a story perspective, this entry will act as a reboot for the franchise, with, “no direct links with the previous games in terms of continuing story.”

Armored Core 6 wasn’t the only announcement at this year’s Game Awards. We also learned that PlayStation Studios and Hoursemarque’s Returnal would also be coming to PC before the end of the year. If you planned on picking the game up, however, you’re going to need to check those PC specs, because its RAM requirements are head scratching.

Typically, a modern game on PC with require a minimum for 8 gigs of RAM and a recommended 16GBs to play on more optimal settings. Returnal’s PC port doubles those numbers, with a minimum of 16GBs in order to run the game and a recommended 32GBs in for higher quality settings.

While 32GBs isn’t a wild amount of ram (many recent, high end PCs house 64GBs or more), plenty of people purchase or build PCs with only 16GBs, especially if the rig is a little older, and most gaming laptops still hedge to 16GBs with only the most expensive offering upgrades to 32GBs or more. In short, it seems you’re going to need a pretty beefy rig if you want to play the game at higher resolutions or framerates.

So no Switch port for Returnal anytime soon it seems. A game that does run on the Switch is Fortnite, which is adding YouTube’s most popular content creator, Mr. Beast, to the game via its Icons line of skins, and the guy will be bringing the giveaway antics that made him so popular in the first place to the battle royale.

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