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only looking into this for the Dayz mod which looks SICK!

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ha, i'm a fan of operation flashpoint, been waiting for this!!! A thinking shooter, and a realtime strategy. Soldier simulation. Love this! So what if it has a few bugs? thats unavoidable for a game of this scope.

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This game i think will actually be a jewel on the pc. You dont see many pc exclusives these days.

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lol,at 0:42 he has 2 bullet holes in his chest

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lol they dont

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Somehow i have a sneaking suspicion the U.S army actually doesnt use this game

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@blakeney ...look sexy??...its a game not a girl hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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BTW I used to play America's Army and that kicks this game's ass anytime. So don't come telling me about "You Should go play Arcade games like COD". I know my military simulation and this game real weak point is not the software coding. But it's core design.

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Thank you Bohemi for releasing hte demo, I was just about to buy it when I tried the Death Valley campaing. This game is an interface nightmare. The interface works against you instead of working for you, the player. I'd even say that with the AI you placed here, the Interface it's just your worse enemy. You should dedicate yourself to writing work software, not making games.

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@ mdt_papa lol go and play some games?? the is waaay more advance then even cod mf2.......its just "too" realistic for some people...which is fair enough......also ever played any of the battlefields?? all have jets ect....ArmA2 infact looks like battlefield2 after its been in a warzone for years and is battleharded;p........i personally love battlefield and cod's online modes......like totally different kinds of fun tbh.........i did download this to see if its worth buying but my pc is not good enough to play this online lagg free:( i seriously think people that even try and compare this too any cod is crazy and has no idea about game genres......Fps mp mode.........Warsim!!!!1 2 very different things......both fun and both look sexy....quit your whining;p

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I love this and any other game made by bohemia interactive studios such as operation flashpoint and the first arma...codemasters took the operation flashpoint name and are making OPF DR and now i hate codemasters for abandoning BI like that...but still Bohemia have made arma 2 that i love...i also heard that there is too many oponents in the military area of games so they have started the making of a game called " farma " which is a simulation in which you are a farmer and run a farm....is that crazy or what?

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Actually; this is not a game for someone who enjoys "Arcade" style shooters. This is a military "Simulator" where hit detection, vehicle damage along with detailed and structured command control and just about every variable has been taken into account such as weapon ballistics, environmental effect on projectiles etc. To compare it to Call of Duty is not a fair comparison, you should compare this to another game like Operation Flashpoint or another similar simulator. I agree the graphics, voice acting etc are a little weak in some areas but when you consider the amount of data, total control, random environmental effects and all other variables that go into making this game the best military "simulator" on the market, you tend to overlook those short comings. Not to mention, the maps are HUGE not unlike Battlefield 2 in the respect. (BF2 is more an Arcade style shooter.) As another poster said here, that Modern Warfare 2 is more advanced than ArmA 2 I would almost have to disagree there also but it depends on what level of Advanced, he/she is talking about. Advanced in graphics and drop in action perhaps but again, an unfair comparison. Just my take www.7thCavalry.us CPL.SC20

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man, i remember arma 1 and the awesome coop evolution mod, that had to be one of the best, clearing out each city on the island, unlocking vehicles and weapons along the way... truly amazing!

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cod: modern warfaer2 is more advanced game than arma 2, but arma 2 have something new like drive aircraft and other interest stuff ,!

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all this time, and yet when a guy hits the dirt still looks exactly like flashpoint. but FP was great so **** it

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that thing where you move only your head really gets anoying

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does this game has free roam and is it for xbox360

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I got the demo for this and hated it. The voice commands/acting was TERRIBLE, it was like that south park episode where they killed chef and used rehashed sound clips to make his dialogue. Not to mention they ruined the game with BLUR. You are telling me I can't look at a distance (or even 30ft away) without it being blurry.

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If i have a 1Gig graph card like a ati raidon HD3450 can still play this?

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Have played FP plus all the add-ons, ARMA and this second version. Good game with the realistic style we expect. So good to be held accountable for our tacticle decisions instead of just racing to the next prepared first aid drop. In reality though this is just a good warm-up to the release of FP2. Thats the one I am waiting for.

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hahah the secondary gun on the tank sounds exactly the same as halo... but nah looks good

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....... uh....... why does every awesomeeee game have to be raited M...?

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Ok first of all, to those who think the game looks or sounds horrible, the engine for the game has been under production for 10 years, it uses some of the most advanced rendering techniques and will probably bring an average computer to its knees. I have an Intel quad core and a 4870x2 and this game still manages to slow my computer down a bit and keep in mind it is quad core enabled. Ive played battles online with plenty of people and AI and its super intense. I've managed to overclock my processor and have almost 1000 AI characters in the game with me (yes 1000) and it is the most intense battle ive ever seen in any game. The game looks amazing, plays like great and has the elements of a great shooter with the tactical prowess of a real time strategy while still keeping the action at full throttle. Seriously a fantastic game. P.S. On a quick side note, I'm not kidding about this games performance, it is a serious system hog, don't even think about playing on a single core or anything less than a 4850 or gtx 200 series card. You might get away with older cards in SLi or Crossfire.

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Games that don't come out for the ps3 and only xbox/pc aren't that good usually anyways

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when is gamespot going to review this game?

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i bloody love this game but i hate the fact its not caoming out on PS3

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Simple awesome game.

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ARMA II leaning 2 the back just joking look alright like little of modern warfare and road of hell or was it call brother in arm.funny game but look pretty nice 2 make u cry.ARMA II do your best and come out with a big bamg.

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modern warfaer modern weapons! lol:)

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Nice try sounding smart there, GamerBaboo.

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Looks and sounds OK

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@dato1994 : it's not just the processor, it's the graphics card and the ammount of RAM you have. If you have a decent card like x4850+ or 9800GT+ , I think you'll be fine. BTW, the graphics aren't that impressive to me. With simple mapping used as water with no ray-trace effects, or worse, bad lighting. Don't think this game's worth a try.

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BTW the demo is awesome. << LINK REMOVED >>+2+Playable+Demo/;13929938;/fileinfo.html

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The music in that "Magic:The Gathering" commercial is a real PITA. BTW is the demo good?

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can core 2 duo run this game?

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@Slinky_Turtle erm, actually i went on pc and probz he did to, i think this video is shared between the two, they do that for all videos, diddnt know it was comming out on xbox

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@btwillett2003 fair enough, but im not gunna be spending $300 of a computer mainly because we use £ over here, and if you play xbox then what do you have if you have live, message back if u want an add or something

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Think thats a PC game for the big fun battles. And Gates can't bend me over online.

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I'm really looking forward to this. I hope this builds upon everything the first ARMA had to offer.

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nope, i'm looking @it under the pc tab

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@markdshark You do realize you're in the Xbox 360 section of the site watching this video right??

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Looks good!

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Release date is Jul 7th for America, the game is already out in Europe.

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"...This Summer..."

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cant w8 4 dis... arma was amazing.. how this will be even better

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LOOKS AMAZING. Like World in Conflict but way more exciting and way more free-roam capabilities :-) I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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Looks like COD4 + BF2 BUT WAY MORE EPIC BATTLES i think cant wait until 7th July :)

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why does every game had to take place in Russia, Europe, or Asia?!!! i like it better if it was in the middle east. where you can be in a city where there's alot of action! in Russia... thumbs down!!

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this looks awesome cant wait

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they better put this out on 360 !!