Arma 3 - E3 2012 Sneak Preview Video

Check out a sneak preview trailer for Arma 3, just in time for E3 2012.

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    Frankly im still in love with the guns or ArmA 2 :')

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    I'm really looking forward to this game now. Look great.

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    60 euro for arma III 3000 euro for a pc able to run it :\

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    very nice game, really expecting it

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    owesome!!!!!!! Can't wait for this game.

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    best sound ever!

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    Arma 2 was amazing, and the mod community did an amazing job to enhance the experience.

    But it had some problems. Hope they solved most of them. Good luck and can't wait to buy it on Steam.

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    Hope they fixed some of those glitches.

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    Looks great, hope it's more optimazed for elder PCs.

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    The creator(Rocket) of the mod DAYZ works for Bohemia Interactive. He already announced that he is making a DAYZ mod on the Arma 3 engine. If you haven't played DAYZ mod yet, you're missing out on the best MOD of the year.

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    Still got the Arma feel? Better not be run and gun lol we have enough of that on the market.

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    Looks good, but I had hoped that they would improve the explosions from ARMA 2 but hell, I will still buy this baby

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    no ps3 or xbox 360 version??

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    Amazing, I hope it will have less bugs than ARMA2

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    Looking good so far! I just hope they haven't "dumbed" it down for the CoD crowd.

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    Definitely buying this game.

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    Too bad we can't watch "Live Now:E3 2012", like the link states.

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