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Apex Legends Wraith Legend Guide

Wraith is one of the more difficult Legends to master in Apex Legends, so we break down the best strategies and tactics for this elusive character.

Wraith is one of the more deceptively difficult characters to play in Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment's battle royale game twists the usual formula with the addition of player characters that each carry unique skills and abilities, and Wraith can be attractive thanks to her abilities that help her get out of tough spots. She's best played aggressively, though, and with an eye for deception--with Wraith, your goal is to be phasing in and out around enemies for hit-and-run attacks that sow chaos in their ranks. Check out the video above for a full guide on how to handle Wraith's extra-dimensional abilities.

If you're going with Wraith when you jump onto your Apex Legends squad, know that her role is to be an aggressive attacker. She's one of the smaller characters in the game, which means she's effectively tougher to hit in most cases, especially if you keep moving. She also packs abilities that can make her mostly invisible, briefly invincible, and abnormally fast. Wraith is great at creating flanking opportunities, confusing enemies, and getting out of trouble before she can get brought down.

Like all the characters in Apex Legends, Wraith packs three abilities. Her passive ability is "Voices from the Void," which give her a sixth sense that lets her know when enemies have been in an area, when someone has been killed nearby, and when opposing squads have her and her teammates in their sights. That information can be invaluable to keeping your team alive. For a tactical ability, Wraith can activate "Into the Void" with the push of a button. It lets her phase out, disappearing into another dimension where she can't be damaged for a few seconds. Finally, Wraith's ultimate ability lets her create portals between two locations, allowing anyone to travel nearly instantly from one portal to the other.

With Wraith's phasing and portal abilities, you can quickly get behind or beside enemy teams where to shoot them without being seen. The best way to use Wraith is up close and personal, phasing out when things get rough or when you need to reposition yourself where you're tougher to kill. Portals are great for getting teammates out of harm's way when they're in trouble, or for getting them into a fight without having to cross open ground.

We've got a lot more Wraith tips in our written guide. You might also want to check out our guide on combining characters in Apex Legends, and our list of pro tips you need to know to win matches.