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Apex Legends Season 5 Adds Loba, Buffs Mirage, & More

The Fortune's Favor update is live now in Apex Legends, adding new character Loba. Mirage also gets a lot of love with a serious buff.

Season 5 has arrived in Apex Legends, and there are some big changes beyond just new legend Loba. Here's all the important stuff from the patch notes.

Loba is new to the game, but she's far from the only legend with new tricks. Mirage is getting a really big buff, which should totally change the meta for his character. When you release a decoy, you can press the button again to have it mimic every move Mirage makes: before this, the decoy simply ran forward in a straight line. The same goes for Mirage's Ultimate: now all those decoys will mimic his moves too. His Passive gets some special treatment too. You still cloak when you get knocked down, but now you'll also cloak when respawning at a beacon or reviving a teammate--they get the cloaking too. What's more, Mirage's "bamboozle" line will play when a decoy is destroyed, instead of when it gets deployed, which ya know, makes a lot more sense.

Now let's talk Loba. You probably know all about her by now, but if not, here's the important stuff. Her Tactical ability is called Burglar's Best Friend, and it lets her throw her bracelet and teleport to wherever it lands, making it a great ambush tool. Her passive, Eye for Quality, lets her spot Epic and Legendary loot through walls. Then there's her Ultimate, Black Market Boutique. Loba plants her staff in the ground, which pings all loot in the area. Everyone on the team can then check the staff to see a menu similar to a death box, listing all the good stuff nearby. Each squad member can take two pieces of gear for themselves, instantly transferring them to your inventory.

Other legends have been reworked for Season 5 too. These include cooldown and range changes to abilities like Gibraltar's Dome Shield and Bloodhound's Eye of the Allfather. Some of the most significant changes are tied to Caustic's gas canisters: they can't be triggered from the other side of a closed door anymore, and the gas won't slow down Caustic's teammates. GameSpot has the complete list of legend changes.

It's not just the characters that have changed either: Kings Canyon looks quite different now. Skulltown and Thunderdome are gone, with a new location called Salvage along the coast. Wetlands is gone, replaced by the new Capacitor. You'll also find new Charge Towers in Kings Canyon. Activate one, and any legend standing on the platform when the energy burst goes out will instantly have their Ultimate charged and ready to go.

Of course, a new season also means a new battle pass. There's another 100 tiers of rewards to unlock during Season 5, along with an all-new Quest system. Quests are a whole other story, so to learn more about them or anything else in the Season 5 patch notes, head to GameSpot. We'll see you in the Apex Games.

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