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Apex Legends Pathfinder Legend Guide

Pathfinder is the fastest Legend. Here's how to get good with the Grappling Hook, Zip Line Gun, and finding the next ring's location.

Pathfinder doesn't seem like the most interesting of characters in Apex Legends at first. The recon robot is handy for providing useful information to teammates, but his abilities seem somewhat lacking on the battlefield--until you get a chance to really start using them. Pathfinder is absolutely deadly when he's in the hands of skilled players, thanks to his ability to get himself and his team into places others can't quite reach. Check out the video above for a full guide on how best to play Pathfinder.

If you're looking to try your hand at controlling a grappling hook-shooting robot, you'll want to keep your high degree of mobility in mind. Pathfinder's abilities are great for repositioning on the enemy, grabbing high ground, or coming in behind people who don't expect you to be there. As a recon specialist, your job is to be your squad's eyes, whether that's by providing additional information about the next ring, spotting enemies from a distance, or finding ways to flank opposing teams or help your squad escape.

Pathfinder's abilities are mostly about getting into the right position for a battle. His passive ability allows him to access terminals scattered around the map, which give him insider information about where the next ring will appear--allowing you to use that knowledge to your advantage to get the drop on the other teams. His tactical ability is a grappling hook you can activate with the press of a button, which allows him to reach high locations, swing around enemies at high speed to flank and outmaneuver them, and even reel in opponents for quick executions. For an ultimate, Pathfinder can fire a zip line that any other character can use, which is great for escaping bad situations or reaching areas that other teams can't get to, like higher ground or better cover.

In all cases, you want to use Pathfinder as a knowledge-getting character who's also pretty aggressive. The grappling hook and zip line are great for repositioning yourself on enemies in places they won't expect, but even getting yourself into places where you can inform your teammates of enemy positions can be invaluable.

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