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Apex Legends Bloodhound Legend Guide

The hunt begins. In this Apex Legends guide, we unravel Bloodhound's abilities and show you how to master this technological tracker.

Bloodhound stands out from the rest of the characters on the Apex Legends roster. The Technological Tracker is the only Legend right now who's built to hunt down and defeat other players, using information they leave behind as they move through the map. Bloodhound is all about knowing more about the other team than they know about you, but tracking opponents is more than just giving your teammates info to help them find targets. In battle situations, Bloodhound can use tracking to be an aggressive, effective fighter, as well.

If you're the kind of player who likes to take the fight to the enemy and get in close, Bloodhound is the fighter for you. Non-aggressive players probably want to steer clear of using them, though: Bloodhound's abilities are about locating enemies to take them down, and if you're someone who'd rather hang back, support teammates, or snipe away at opponents, try playing as someone else.

First, you'll want to use Bloodhound to find whatever you can about nearby opponents. Their passive ability, Tracker, gives you tons of info about where other players have been, highlighting their footsteps, things they've interacted with like supply bins, and where they've gotten into fights. The marks that appear on your screen also show how long ago those players were there, helping you figure out if you're walking into a trap or about to ambush someone.

With Bloodhound's tactical ability, Eye of the Allfather, you and your teammates can see nearby enemies through walls. The ability also highlights even more enemy movement information like footsteps to help close gaps and get after enemies. The only trouble with the ability is that using it creates an orange wave that's visible to other players, and it only highlights what's in front of you, so make sure you're facing the right direction when you use it.

Bloodhound's most aggressive ability is their ultimate, Beast of the Hunt. It highlights enemies while draining color from everything else, making them easy to see even through Bangalore's smoke or Caustic's gas. It also increases your speed quite a bit, allowing you to close gaps on enemies and evade their attacks. Beast of the Hunt is great for when you finally catch up to enemies, but be warned that others can hear you activate it, and you emit a sound when it's active that can help enemy players track you.

While choosing Bloodhound favors being aggressive and going after battles, it's also important to remember not to leave your team behind. You're awash in information as Bloodhound, and part of the role of tracker means giving that info to your team so they can also make good decisions. You'll want your squad to help you out as much as possible, too, like by dropping smoke on a squad to take away their ability to see while you blast away at them with your Beast of the Hunt ability. Bloodhound feels like a lone wolf character, but they're even more effective with a smart squad who can complement them.

Read our Bloodhound written guide for even more useful tips, and check out our other character guides to help you figure out which ones match your style and what your team needs. We've also got lots of pro tips to help you excel, a guide to which guns you should grab and which to skip, and a big rundown of everything Apex Legends doesn't tell you.

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