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I think the actor took a break with the motion sensors on, while flipping through the television's schedule & noticed he missed an episode of Family Guy...... OH COME ON!!!!!!! The team thought that was his best take...

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the first one had a cool concept with a story and gameplay. animations were great as well. But the pace the game was carried at was slow and got kinda boring after some time. Hope those errors are fixed this time.

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Yes! I love this character. Please be who I play as!

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Really enjoyed the first one, just hate the fact that japanese games always seem to lack polish

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looks awesome

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finally there true hero <3

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lost planet 1 was ok,2 sucked and this looks good

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As cool as this looks. Id much rather have a BF3. By far.

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hope it's not AS BAD AS lost planet 2

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can't wait to have this 1

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2013? next year? I'm getting old by the day man. the year is still young rush it now!!!

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Gale? Wayne's father from the first Lost Planet? so its a prequel......

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Yep, definitely buying this - because the trailer told me all I wanted to know. Granted, the trailer is just a hype-builder, its very nice -- shows me almost nothing about what the game will be like.

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just knowing that it's under a Western development team gives me hope... or atleast gives me hope it won't be filled with ambiguous lady-men, a cryptic, nonsensical story, and long, meaningless monologues.

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please don't suck like Lost Planet 2, please don't suck like Lost Planet 2, please don't suck like Lost Planet 2

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wish i could rely on this CGI

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This trailer is very good. The game yet to see :D

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Didn't expect that....but.........OOOOHHHHHH YYYEEEEAAAAHHH!

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I wish they'd make a short animation like ember for asscreed and the tekken cgi but they have to make it as cool as this trailer though..

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Never mind the game, just give me a full length CGI movie like that trailer.

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why does every enemy creature have to have a mouth like a necromorph?

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One was alright, two was forgettable, and hopefully three will be like the trailer.

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How many character driven, single player storylines with no replay value do we really need right now?? Lost Planet 2 had many flaws but had an awesome idea by allowing you to customize your own character and coop with friends or anyone through missions that required team work. This is why many loved Lost Planet 2 over the first one. Now it looks like we are just going to have another single player game on our hands that everyone is going to fork out for and that has little replay value...I'll pass.

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looks cool but i hope for a better storyline

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Between the first two, LP2 carries better graphics & sound. Although the A.I. is dumber than a second coat of paint, the multiplayer remains fun and can be creative at times. Plus it still holds strong to this day.

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Loved the first one. Glad this looks more "Extreme Condition" and less "2".

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looks lethal realy

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Don't tempt them lol

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wow, they took the ice alien straight out of star trek...whats next, frozen spock!?

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it seen like that guy was having a bad day

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the problems with lost planet 2 were the difficulty and AI issues...please no such technical horrors this time capcom

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trailer looks great i wanna see gameplay before i make up my mind on getting this yet

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Despite some frustrating mechanics and a story and characters I couldn't care less about, I loved LP1. I could have dealt with LP2 hardly fixed any of the mechanics but I absolutely hated how the levels were broken into tiny bite-sized 3-5min sections. One reason I loved LP1 was because it was a difficult game, especially on "Impossible" and it was fun trying to survive for a 30-40min level. It really seemed like you were stuck out there and had to survive. LP2 felt too much like little MP maps and Result Screens. So as long as this game keeps the scale, difficulty and general vibe of LP1, a better story and a more focused SP game and some refined mechanics will be very welcome. Don't do something stupid though like ditch the grapple hook, decrease the enemy count, add QTE or make it cover-based.

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Cool trailer, for whatever that's worth these days. Going to have to wait and see though, especially since the second game was so bad.

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Guy looks like Ezio from Revelations.

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2013? Screw that by end of this year we will be seeing what the next gen can do and uh 6x more powerful? Why shell out 60 bucks for this failed series?

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cool trailer.

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LOL.... okay , no matter how much I hated Lost Planet 2 this trailer for LP 3 was great. Looking forward to the game , don`t disappoint my now capcom .

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i enjoyed the lost planet extreme conditons campaign thoroughly and i don't recall whether i beat it or not but i believe i did if i wasn't damn near finished.but there wasn't much replay value in it so i stopped playing it cuz the multiplayer mode was trash.i really hope this game is unbelievably good. for an early 2013 game, it better f****** be.

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HOLY CRAB! ima gonna call you back xD

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Actor sounds and kinda resembles Brendan Fraser to me. The type of role also mimics his more action/adventure roles. Johnny Everyman tossed into some grand adventure. Bit of humor (with the gun throwing and junk). It really sounds like him at the end when they show that storm.

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more great trailers, i wished it was actual gameplay though

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Looks cool and I'm guessing that now were going to have bigger gameplay! and better

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Man that crab looks delicious! what do you guys say we have Akrid for dinner?

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He called that guy "Gale". That's Waynes father!

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Looking awesome. Jim's voice is familiar but I can't put a face to it, even if Jim's IS modelled on the actual actor's.

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thank god theres snow again. lost planet 2 was good but thhere werent enought akrid in it, there were just soldiers wich was boring, lost planet one was a great game and i hope they dont put to many soldiers in the new one, just really cool monsters

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