Analog - The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us came to a dramatic conclusion recently, but fear not, there are plenty of amazing alternatives to get your teeth into. Lisa takes us through some of the best!

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Loved The walking Dead I'll have to check out Wolf Among Us.

Also She is hot!

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Has this show been canned?

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Oh dear. That little wink at the end has left me a melted blob on the floor. The siren. :oP

I've never really made much time for The Walking Dead in any format. Are any of them crucial to enjoying the game?

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I'm much younger, kinder, more generous, and much better looking than that Tim Schafer guy.

It's been a while since someone has snagged me.

Thank you Lisa. Great Show.

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Okay, comment about the lady here: Lisa Foiles gets a C in my book.

Now to comment about the statement that I am dead inside if I don't cry playing The Walking Dead...Then apparently I am dead inside because I feel no emotions when playing these games

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Grim Fandango is one of the best games I've ever played... But damn that's going back to '98.

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@cheesedumpling You can play it on the Vita :)

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Woo go Tim Schafer

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Beyond:Two Souls and Heavy Rain are much better recommendations and are a lot more like TWAU that Ghost Trick..Of course, nothing beats The Walking Dead, but you must have been living under a rock if you haven't played it already.

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@bizzy-sgs my "rock" got repossessed *sigh*

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lol so frickin cute damn it.

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I was interested in this until I found out it was a video and not an article. I get the reasoning. It's a show, not an article. But sometimes I like to get the information quickly without someone talking at me.

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The Wolf Among Us is an amazing game but I have one gripe with it. The Tweedles were such a$$h0les I can't believe the other characters gave me crap for the way I interrogated the dude, like dafuq it's ok for them to show up with shotguns but I'm bad if I punch the dude. Another point also the magic mirror gives out 10 minute long shows for Toad and his son but when I want to see someone the mirror is like "2 second snippet for you hahaha".

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grim fandango i have to play

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What's the point of this show anyway?

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@JillV To recommend similar games to The Wolf Among Us.

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Anybody else tired of this ladies face being used as "click bate"? C'mon

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@CaptainSofa Why would I be tired of that?

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@CaptainSofa no