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American Horror Story: The Best of Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson has appeared in eight seasons of American Horror Story, portraying classic characters such as Lana Winters, Cordelia Foxx, Billie Dean Howard and much more. Ahead of her return for Season 10 of AHS, let's take a look at all of her iconic characters.

While we all wait for Sarah Paulson’s return to American Horror Story in Season 10, let's look back at her thrilling AHS career. Paulson is one of three actors to have appeared in at least eight seasons of the show.

Starting with Murder House (Season 1), Paulson played a supporting role as the “medium to the star” Billie Dean Howard. You can say she has a thing for ghosts. Paulson would reprise this role for the seasons of Hotel and Apocalypse years later.

She took on a much larger role in Season 2 of Asylum as up-and-coming journalist Lana Winters. We followed Lana’s horrifying stay at Briarcliff Manor and a fight for her life against Bloody Face. Again, Paulson would reprise this role for Roanoke. Remember, all seasons of AHS are connected!

Cordelia Foxx might be Paulson’s most iconic performance. As Supreme, Cordelia ruled with kindness unlike her horrible mother. She followed the incredible Coven season with perhaps her most challenging performance on AHS: Bette and Dot Tattler. That’s right, she played conjoined twins!

Some of her lesser known characters but still equally celebrated were Sally McKenna, a ghostly junkie from Hotel, English actress Audrey Tindall from the meta-season of Roanoke, Cult’s phobia-ridden Ally Mayfair-Richards and the brutal ruler of Outpost 3 Wilhemina Venable from her most recent appearance on Apocalypse. We can’t wait to see what she does next on American Horror Story!