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American Horror Story: The Best of Jamie Brewer

Jamie Brewer has appeared in five seasons of American Horror Story, known for her roles as Adelaide "Addie" Langdon in Murder House and Nan in Coven and Apocalypse. Let's break down each of her AHS roles.

Jamie Brewer got her first big break on TV with American Horror Story. As an actor with Down Syndrome, Jamie has been an inspiration and advocate in the community -- and is one of the leading spokespeople fighting for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We were first introduced to Jamie back in 2011 with Murder House. Here she played the lovable Adelaide Langdon affectionately called “Addie.”

Jamie returned to AHS in Coven to play Nan, one of the young witches at Miss Robichaux’s Academy. Nan’s signature ability is Clairvoyance, the ability to read one's mind and also put ideas into others minds. Jamie reprised her role as Nan for Season 8’s Apocalypse. For Freak Show, Jamie had a smaller role than previous seasons. Despite that, this might be her most terrifying performance from her entire AHS career. She played Marjorie, the ventriloquist doll owned by Chester Creb.

Jamie popped back up during the seventh season of AHS Cult. This was a much smaller role than what we’re used to seeing from her, as one of Valerie Solanas' followers, Hedda.