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American Horror Story: The Best of Adina Porter

Adina Porter has appeared in four seasons of American Horror Story, known for her roles as Beverly Hope in Cult and Dinah Stevens in Apocalypse. Ryan and Greg break down each of her AHS roles.

You may recognize Adina Porter from True Blood. She has appeared in four seasons of American Horror Story, and was nominated for a primetime Emmy for her role as Beverly Hope in AHS Cult. Adina made her AHS debut way back in Season 1’s Murder House, but she only popped up in a minor role. Here she played Sally Freeman, one of Ben Harmon’s patients that we see him working with in the Murder House.

Adina wouldn’t return to American Horror Story until five seasons later in a much bigger role. Here she played Lee Harris, a former cop that struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. A season later, Adina would return to play Beverly Hope in Cult, a performance that earned her an Emmy nomination. Beverly was an on-air journalist for WBNR Channel 7 news who would eventually get twisted into Kai Anderson’s clown cult.

In her most recent appearance in AHS Apocalypse, Adina played Dinah Stevens, a former actress turned talk show host that we meet at Outpost 3. In reality though, she’s actually the reigning Voodoo Queen since Marie Laveau was banished to Hell at the end of Season 3.