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American Horror Story: Roanoke Episode 3 & 4 Breakdown

Greg and Ryan break down Episodes 3 & 4 of AHS Roanoke. Matt, Shelby and Lee search for Flora but find more than they bargained for in the surrounding Roanoke forest.

This week on My Roanoke Breakdown we're diving into Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. Get ready for a whole lot of exposition: we learn about the origins of Scathatch, The Butcher and the bloody history of the Roanoke house.

Matt, Shelby and Lee continue their search for Flora but find out more than they bargained for including some severed pig heads, a pair of wild children and a mistress for Matt. Hint: she's a really old witch.

Plus, the group finds out more about the pattern of murders that take place at the Roanoke house thanks to a quick history lesson from Dr. Elias Cunningham. We're also introduced to Cricket Marlowe who loves Coke Zero, Uber and chatting with ghosts. Unfortunately for him, the Roanoke spirits aren't that friendly during the Blood Moon.