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Amazon Prime Video's: Best New TV Shows And Movies To Watch In The US (September 2018)

From Amazon original series to films, here are our top picks for the best new Amazon Prime Video movies and TV shows to watch in September 2018.

Another day, another week, another month--it all means a slew of new streaming options on Amazon Prime Video. With so many new TV and film titles to choose from, it might be pretty hard to figure out what the cream is that will rise above the crop. That's where GameSpot comes in--here's what to watch in September 2018 if you have a Prime membership. [Update: If you're looking ahead, we now have the list of what's new on Amazon Prime Video in October.]

After sifting through the release calendar for a new month of Amazon Prime Video additions, we have the highlights you aren't going to want to miss. So sit back, put your feet up, and get ready to welcome summer with the best of what's to come in September.

As far as TV goes, there's really only one title you need to keep your eyes on and that's Kidding. The new Showtime series features Jim Carrey as the star of a children's show whose personal life if anything but kid-friendly. As his life begins to crumble, the man who has relied on the imaginary world he has built for his show now faces a harsh reality. Given that this is a Showtime series, it will require you to add a subscription to the premium cable network onto your Amazon Prime Video account to watch.

There's also a new Amazon original series starring SNL alums Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph premiering, titled Forever. The show follows the two as a married couple attempting to spice up what's become a pretty boring life by taking a ski trip that lands them in "completely unfamiliar territory."

While there are a number of great films coming to the service, as well, the most exciting is surely the original Ghostbusters. The supernatural comedy is the perfect thing to sit down and watch, regardless of how many times you've seen it. Luckily, Ghostbusters II is also being added, so you can have your own little double feature.

Other films arriving that we're excited about include Primal Fear and There Will Be Blood. As for originals, a new adaptation of King Lear starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson will also debut this month.

You can take a look at all of our recommendations for Amazon Prime Video in September above, or check out the full list of everything coming and going in September. You also don't want to miss Netflix and Hulu's offerings for the month.