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Amazon Prime Video March 2019 Guide: Best Movies & TV Shows To Watch

From Amazon Prime original series like Hanna and Tin Star to films like Cold War, here are our top picks for the best new Amazon Prime Video movies and TV shows to watch in March!

A new month means more TV series and movies are being added to Amazon Prime Video. In the video above, Emily Conti dives into March 2019's new lineup of content to outline what you should add to your watch list.

If you're a fan of video games, there are two new pieces of content on Amazon Prime Video that you probably want to keep an eye on. The first, Us and the Game Industry, is a documentary that details the ins-and-outs of indie game development, specifically focusing on the behind the scenes for popular titles like Journey. Later in the month, Costume Quest, an animated series based off of the Double Fine RPG of the same name, is also releasing on Amazon Prime Video. Coming March 8, Costume Quest is produced by Frederator Studios--best known for co-producing Netflix's hit video game-inspired anime series Castlevania--and follows the adventure of four kids whose Halloween costumes grant them superpowers.

If you want to take a step back from video games, consider either The Domestics or Hanna. Both series premiere on Amazon Prime Video on March 29. The Domestics follows the journey of a couple travelling across a post-apocalyptic America--which is divided into different pieces of territory owned by a unique assortment of dangerous gangs--in order to reunite with their family. Hanna, on the other hand, is about the titular girl whose father teaches her advanced survival and self-defense techniques. When she's suddenly separated from her father and pursued by the CIA, Hanna realizes there must be more to her than what meets the eye and she utilizes everything she's learned in order to evade capture and find her dad.

All these and more are explained in greater detail in the video above. We've also outlined the full list of series and movies coming to Amazon Prime Video in March 2019 if you're looking for anything else to watch.