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Alone In The Dark Is A Modern Reimagining Of A Survival Horror Classic

Announced at THQ Nordic's 2022 games showcase, the new Alone in the Dark reboots the 1992 original, updating the story and refreshing its classic gameplay.

Publisher THQ Nordic is rebooting Alone in the Dark--but rather than a new game in the series, developer Pieces Interactive is returning to the 1992 original to put a modern spin on the game that helped give rise to the modern survival horror genre. The new game is a third-person title that reimagines the original game, making adjustments to its story and gameplay, while attempting to capture the suspense and atmosphere that made Alone in the Dark so memorable.

THQ announced the return of Alone in the Dark during its 2022 game showcase, in which it showed off a trailer that gives a sense of the expanded, more cinematic version of the tale the reboot will tell. GameSpot got an expanded look at the game, which included an explanation of its story, setting, characters, and gameplay. Like the original Alone in the Dark, the reboot is largely set in a mansion called Derceto Manor in the 1920s American South. This time, however, it's not a mansion, but a mental hospital for rich clients--and the game will include additional settings, as well.

Also returning from the original are Alone in the Dark's playable characters, Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood. Both are playable in the new game, and both play a larger part in the other character's story. In fact, like in later survival horror games such as Resident Evil 2, the stories experienced by Edward and Emily are different from one another, taking you through a different tale depending on which you choose.

Alone in the Dark is slated to release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, but THQ Nordic hasn't yet announced a release date.