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Join us this week on The Lobby as we creep our way through Alien: Isolation, rejoice at the release of Vib-Ribbon in North America, and have a visit with Tim Schafer to talk about Costume Quest 2!

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Peter Brown sounds like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite when talking about PS3 backwards compatibility.

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Song name is Space Monkey by Blair Booth

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@Mafiaman77793 omg! a gazillion thanks kind citizen!

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Great episode! Especially when Brad was taking jabs at Danny. Man that dentists in England one.

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i need to know the song at the end!!!

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the story of costume quest with the "dentist", is like in Willy wonka how Willy wonka's dad was a dentist, and didn't allow candy, chocolates etc...

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I like how Brad always has this lil grin lol

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You need to fix that PC feed. The constant jittering is really jarring.

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1:31:00 will haunt us all forever.

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@saturatedbutter We did a stream yesterday that's on the site, and we talk to Kevin about it briefly on the show.