Alien Covenant Reaction, Easter eggs and Ending Explanation

*Spoiler Warning* What happened at the end of Alien Covenant? @Buddyhutton gives you a breakdown of the film and Ryan Schubert(@anvilone) injects you with Easter Eggs. Does this film answer any of the questions from the end of Prometheus? Maybe.

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    I think we clearly learn where the eggs came from. David used Shaw to grow the eggs and if you look at her midsection there was clearly enough space to do so. Also she looked liked the queen a bit with the attachments to her head.

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    hm in video is said they go to LV-426 where Alien colony is established but in original Alien we see Engineers spaceship with eggs not humans

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    Liked the movie, didn't love it though.

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    Covenant is a major insult to audiences' intelligence.

    1. Oh, let's go off cause and set foot on a completely unknown planet with 2000 people.

    2. Oh, uncharted territory, let's ALL go down there and only leave 3 people behind.

    3. Oh, unknown eco-system, let's NOT wear any protective gears.

    4. No military training, no discipline, just panic and scream.

    5. So many dead Engineers, but, let's follow the stranger and don't ask why there are so many dead.

    6. Highly suspicious android knows how to communicate with the creature that just killed your crew member, Follow him and peek into the funny egg that is moving in his basement.


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    Now I'd like to address some of what was talked about in the video, starting with the flute scene. (SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY)

    In Prometheus we learn that the entire ships control system is turned on and manipulated by a small seemingly magical flute, whole sort of goofy without thinking about it, think about it. Music is one thing that connects every single human being on this planet, regardless of gender, sex, faith or language we can all appreciate music. It transcends everything, so here we have this massive entirely alien ship, and it's controlled by something any human could understand, music.

    That plays a long with the flute scene in Covenant, David was attempting to connect with Walter through music, they had so little in common despite being literal clones of one another, but David taught him to play thus connecting him to himself, and the kiss was David showing love. David was a very different type of android, he was programmed to question the world around him, and slowly developed his own sort of concept of love, a concept that he showed David with a kiss, before brutally "killing him".

    As for not asking about the dead engineers lying around the court yard? It's explainable by the fact that over half his crew he took down to the planet were killed by a pale screeching alien, and they were rescued. You can see them looking at them with disgust and apprehension, but obviously the concept of being rescued was more important then questioning why a bunch of people died. Also not seeing the engineer city from space, that depends heavily on where the Covenant is located in low orbit, we don't get a good sense of how long it took them to walk to it from that initial drop zone, but it can't be far for David to have seen/heard the explosion... I suppose cloud cover could account for not being able to see it. Every scene in the movie shows the planet almost entirely covered in dense energy filled clouds.

    In incubation timeline is a bit of a tricky one. Firstly, when Ledward was first infected by the biomatter it pretty quickly starts to develop the neomorph in his back. It does much the same to Hallett, but if you remember in Prometheus when the engineer was infected by the trilobite it didn't take long for him to birth a fully formed Deacon. The longest it seemed to take was for Halloway and Fifield, and that's because they were infected by straight up biomatter. Ledward and Hallett were infected by a seemingly already developed form of biomatter that simply required a living host.

    David creating the eggs is explained in the movie, he through 10 years of failed experimentation created the iconic eggs. You can even see the skeletal remains of a more deformed facehugger on a display stand in one shot. He said several times he tried and tried to create life. Personally I don't think David himself was fully responsible for the eggs creation or the Xenomorphs, I feel the engineers realized what the biomatter could be used to create, and they respected it. Thus why they had a murrell to the Xenomorph on the ship in Prometheus. David simply studied writing he found, scientific research and continued work already established, he was explained and shown in Prometheus he could both read and write in the language.

    The facehugger getting on board? I feel that is reference to Aliens of "How the HELL did that queen get on board!".

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    I'll first go over some easter eggs I noticed in Covenant. (spoilers obviously)

    #1. Alien 3-when they are attempting to corral the Xenomorph into the terraforming chamber, they are sealing doors and forcing it down hallways, obvious Alien 3 reference. (A side note, we even see from the Aliens POV which gives us our first ever lore confirmation of how the Xenomorph sees. For decades it was presumed it was through pheromones, or maybe vibrations or even echolocation, but nope it has straight up eyes)

    #2.Aliens: Resurrection- When David is talking to them over the radio while they're corralling the Xenomorph, the Xeno looks at him in the monitor and attacks it with his inner mouth David jumps just like the scientist in Resurrection, he even leans in closely before it happens.

    #3. Aliens-The pilots name is Faris, an obvious nod to the pilot in Aliens Ferro, which goes along with the easter egg in the video.

    #4.Alien: Isolation-When Daniels and Tennessee are luring the Xenomorph into the terraforming chamber they're hiding, it strides in on two legs looking around, Daniels bangs a wrench on a fence causing it to instantly screaming and clamber towards her. Couldn't help but see the similarities between that and how it acts in the game.

    #5-Alien: Resurrection-When David is showing off his failed experiments and attempts at creating lifeforms, very much like how Ripley found the chamber for the failed 1-7 clones.

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    My Alien Covenant reaction was quite a bizarre one: I smashed all of my previous Alien movies and threw Director's Cut of Blade Runner out of a window. Am I crazy or just exaggerating?

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    @Pelezinho777: Likewise. Covenant is just shit.... beautiful looking shit but shit non the less. The Alien creature did not deserve this.

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    The movie was basically a how to totally destroy the origins of the xenomorph and the engineers disappearance in a nutshell.

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    @gamingdevil800: Considering up till Prometheus and Alien: Covenant the xenomorph didn't have an official origin, it hardly destroys it. It simply expands upon what Prometheus already did.