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Alan Wake Remastered vs Original | Graphics Comparison

See how the original Xbox 360 release of Alan Wake stacks up the 2021 remastered version running on PS5.

Remedy Entertainment's beloved game Alan Wake returns on modern systems with Alan Wake Remastered. Originally an Xbox 360 exclusive back in 2010, the game has since seen a PC port and now a proper remaster.

Remastered is the same game but with a host of visual improvements. A major one of note is the reworking of character models and improved facial expressions. You can see a marked improvement in lip sync, and Alan no longer spends half the game with his mouth agape, the silliness of which I never noticed until comparing him side by side with his updated model. Alan might look drastically different to fans in fact--this is due to a new face model being created for this remastered version. However, Alan is still portrayed by finnish actor, Ilkka Villi just like in the original, and if anything he more closely resembles him with the updated model.

This updated look for Alan Wake might have the benefit of bridging the gap to a potential Alan Wake sequel. Remedy has been hinting at a return to Alan Wake for several years now, most recently with the final DLC for Control, which confirms both games share the same universe and even has Alan make several small appearances. The remastered version of Alan Wake has its own secrets that hint at the future of the series, so keep an eye on GameSpot for more details.