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AHS Hotel Episode 12 "Be Our Guest" Finale Breakdown

Ryan and Greg are back together to break down the American Horror Story Hotel Finale, Episode 12 "Be Our Guest."

"Be Our Guest" brings together the conclusion of American Horror Story Hotel. We soon find out that Hotel Cortez is under new management mainly because all of its previous owners are now dead. So the hotel gets a nice remodel and also some new rules: stop killing the guests. It's hard to get business when everyone is killed off.

We also get a beautiful end to Liz Taylor's story as she becomes even closer to her son and his family, and then decides to transition to the afterlife once and for all. It's a bittersweet and touching moment for every single spirit in the hotel.

What about John Lowe? Well, he's a ghost as well and can only visit the hotel on Devil's Night along with the other serial killers. Thanks to a familiar AHS face in Billie Dean Howard, we learn more of John's story and how he was caught. Unfortunately for Howard, the spirits aren't too happy about her popular TV shows about the Cortez. They decide the scare the hell out of her to make sure she never speaks of it again. I think it works!

To wrap up the season, we get a final scene with The Countess whose appetite for blood (and a nice jawline) doesn't seem to be slowing down.

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